Golden Visa Community launches platform to help Golden Visa Portugal applicants

October 03 23:57 2022
Golden Visa Community has created a community-driven online platform to help Golden Visa Portugal applicants better understand the process and learn about service providers.

The team over at Golden Visa Community has pulled together community feedback, industry insider perspective and years of experience working with Golden Visa Portugal applicants to create a one-stop-shop for all things Golden Visa. 

“The industry surrounding the Golden Visa in Portugal has not been very transparent in the past. Our goal with launching Golden Visa Community is to educate applicants how the process should work and also to utilize community feedback to shine the light on industry service providers who go above and beyond,” said Ephraim, Managing Partner at Golden Visa Community.  

Why Get a Golden Visa in Portugal?

The hype around Portugal has continued over the past few years. Near-constant sunshine, Mediterranean food & wine, miles of white sand beaches, and “3rd Safest Country in the World” has certainly helped. But another reason is Portugal’s Golden Visa program.

The Portuguese Golden Visa has become increasingly more popular for global citizens looking to secure a new passport for the following reasons:

1. Only requires 7 days per year in Portugal

2.  Apply for citizenship after only 5 years

a. Portuguese citizenship comes with rights to live and work in Europe’s 26 Schengen countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, etc

3. Passports can be inherited by all future descendants

a. This provides an enduring legacy of access across all these European countries, including access to their job markets, free healthcare and free education systems

4. Modest investment of €280k – €500k which – if responsibly managed should come back to the investor.

Requirements for a Golden Visa in Portugal

At Golden Visa Community users can learn all the requirements involved in the process. In addition to making a “qualifying investment”, investors must:

–  Not be from the European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland
–  Have a clean criminal record
–  Demonstrate legitimate source of funds for the investment, with supporting paperwork
–  e.g. salary, sale of assets, inheritance, etc
–  Tolerate some tedious form filling, signing, and sometimes posting documents around the world

Investment Options

Investors need to make a “qualifying investment” to be eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal. Technically there are 10 options, but In practice, most have never been utilized because they’re simply not attractive.

95% of Golden Visa investments are made into just 2 of these options: Investing in an Investment Fund and Direct Purchase of Real Estate.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution

Golden Visa Community has helped numerous clients navigate the Golden Visa process in Portugal through their community-driven content and insider tips. No matter where the user is on their journey they can find useful information as well as user reviews of service providers. 

For anyone curious about how to get started on the Golden Visa Portugal process or how to find service providers like law firms, banks and investment funds, Golden Visa Community helps removes the guesswork. 

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