California Condor Release Historic Video “The Band” In Memoriam For Two Lost Bandmates

September 27 15:15 2022
California Condor is an Estonian band formed in 2021, writing, recording, and performing post grunge & alternative, and crossover hip-hop and metal music.

Mainstream music was the only stream of music for emerging artists and bands for decades. Even so, many bands across all compass points were more interested in music rather than the money that comes with it and are keeping rock, metal, punk, grunge, and other alternative styles alive. 

California Condor is a prime example of a band that has poured its heart and soul into each note strummed on the guitar & bass, each word sung, and each hit on the cymbals. 

Hailing from Estonia, California Condor was formed in 2021 by a group of talented musicians on a mission to reshape the sonic landscape of contemporary music. Dubbed one of the most prolific “All Time Touring Band” by thousands of fans, California Condor purposefully split its music direction into two elements: post-grunge & alternative metal being the first, and a crossover between hip-hop and metal being the second. 

The world of alternative music stood silent when California Condor lost two of its members, Ken Loosaar and Johannes Kuslap.  

“The Band” is California Condor’s homage to the friends they’ve lost; to the flames that were snuffed prematurely, and to the two men that lived, breathed, and bled alongside them. It is a song with which this young Estonian music band wanted to immortalize Ken and Johannes and pay tribute to everything they’ve done to ensure California Condor succeeds in its mission. 

The song was featured on California Condor’s third album called “Chapter III: Black Horse” as well as “One Minute Before Midnight.” 

The slow-paced, somber atmosphere befitting a funeral follows “The Band” as they commemorate their fallen bandmates. The music video for this song revolves around a procession during which the members of California Condor pay their final respects. 

“What I really wanted to say, Kuslap, Loosaar, I’ll see you again one day,” an excerpt from “The Band” lyrics. 

Thousands of fans flocked to California Condor’s banner to show support and help this grieving musical family endure the hardships in the wake of their loss. Both die-hard fans of metal and connoisseurs with a keen taste for alternative music contributed words of empathy across various social media and streaming channels. 

California Condor will continue to create music, perform, and tour with Ken and Johannes in their hearts. The band’s latest album is One Minute Before Midnight and is available on California Condor’s official webshop.  

California Condor released “The Band (XIII)” on the 20th of September 2022 in memoriam of their fallen brothers Ken Loosaar and Johannes Kuslap with a powerful message “Long live the boys.” 

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