Launches Platform Making It Easier For Businesses To Generate Check Stubs

September 21 13:30 2022 Launches Platform Making It Easier For Businesses To Generate Check Stubs
It is now easy to instantly generate real check stubs. Sometimes in everyone’s life, a check stub is required to show proof of income. For the self-employed, this can be a cumbersome task. To replace a lost check stub can also be a hassle.

New York, New York – September 21, 2022 – launched to an amazing reception by businesses and private individuals. Believe it or not, there are many businesses that still take out the checkbook to cut payroll checks. Now it is a simple task to have a professional looking authentic check stub. Employees need check stubs as do owners of a business. 

The platform gives a choice of design options and their Auto Calculator will make the computations automatically. Users can download the finished stub right away. Problems from handling paper checks range from miswritten information to more serious infractions such as wrong tax data. One slip-up could turn into more severe complications for a business – an unpaid and unhappy employee to a tax audit gone wrong. There would also be additional costs to correct them and keep track of everything. 

The time and energy saved by merely using this generator could go into other activities that could bring in more revenue. Simply update the essential information each pay period, effectively cutting hours from the same task. With the click of a button, employers and their employees’ paystubs are generated, emailed, and stored for convenience. 

Instead of scouring through folder after folder of spreadsheets to find an employee’s paycheck history, use a check stub maker to create easy-to-read and simple-to-archive payroll records. Such an online tool would help make individual personnel files without worrying about piles of papers eating physical space in the office or tons of data occupying the computer. 

Now store pay stubs in cloud-based storage and send them through email to each employee. The Real Check Stubs generator also provides an easy and convenient way to keep track of the business and employees’ YTD total for earnings, taxes, deductions, and net income. It also makes it simpler to compare month-to-month and year-to-year records. 

Records generated through a check stub maker would come in handy when tax season comes, and in the event of an audit, there is no problem accessing them. Employees would also appreciate the record-keeping when they need to apply for loans and other benefits. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Correct Stubs Make it Easy to work with an accountant.
  • Employees can know exactly how much of each tax they have paid.
  • Stubs are vital when buying a car.
  • Stubs are a must have for applying for any type of loan.
  • Lost stubs easily replaced.
  • Easy to account for all monies earned.
  • and more…… 

Customer Testimonials always tell the story. This is what Jeanette had to say, “I created my stubs but didn’t notice there was a typo on 2 of the dates until after submitting. I contacted support, they sent an email on how to correct and regenerated my new stuff at no additional cost within minutes!! They’re amazing.” 

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