Recently Launched – Save The Future Utility Labs (STFU) Token is the Biggest Secret of Crypto Space

September 21 02:12 2022

STFU Labs is a newly launched crypto platform with several exclusive crypto features. Save The Future Utility Labs produces a utility that possesses diversified advantages. In the recent expansion, the platform has launched its utility token $STFU.

$STFU Labs produces utilities that generate profit for its holders, whether in passive income or quick income through chance gaming that requires a $STFU token to participate. STFU Labs focuses on constantly reducing supply and adding buy pressure through solid developments while providing incentives for new investors to buy, hold and stake. The team of STFU Labs realizes it takes more than marketing to do a quality project, but they will broadcast STFU globally. 

$STFU Labs contains several features for its holders and users, such as:

  • TRANSPARENCY: STFU Labs is decentralized and supported by a community of enthusiasts. The team encourages consistent open communication and believes trust, transparency, and community are the three pillars of building professional success. 

  • SECURITY: Here at STFU Labs, a team of professionals is constantly working towards developing new ways to help the Blockchain run safely and securely and adapt to the end user’s needs. With tokenomics, users will be assured they are in a safe project.

  • LONGEVITY: $STFU is here for the long haul. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long-term development and efforts which will be consistently beneficial to all involved.

The tokenonomics of $STFU are as follows:

  • Starting Total Supply: 100,000 $STFU 

  • Amount Going into Pinksale Fair-launch and Liquidity: 91,000 tokens 

  • Initial Staking Pool: 2,000 tokens 

  • Initial $STFU Flip Coin Game Reward Pool: 2,000 tokens 

  • Airdrops/Giveaways: 1,000 tokens 

  • Staking Pool/Reward Pool Reserves: 4,000 tokens 

  • BUY TAX: 3% 

  • SELL TAX: 3% 

Tax distribution of $STFU is as follows:

  • 2% for Marketing: For promotional events, connecting partners, and helping the chart to stabilize in the future with buybacks 

  • 1% for Reflections: It will be redistributed with holders

In addition, the platform has also developed $STFU Staking dApp for its holders. Staking by STFU will be live on its dApp from their website. Holders can stake $STFU and receive a 150% A.P.R. The team will be adding to those staking pools. Added rewards for staking will consist of BUSD and $BNB holders who can provide $STFU-$BNB LP pairs and stake them to receive more $STFU. 2% of the supply will go into the first staking period, over three days. When that pool ends after three days, the company will announce how much of the supply they will put into the next staking pool.

About Save The Future Utility Labs

STFU Labs has established itself as a utility crypto platform that has launched the native token $STFU in the latest record. Other than its exclusive utility token, the STFU Labs lottery allows PEOPLE to take a chance to earn more $STFU tokens or $BUSD. There are five seats at each lottery. When USERS buy a ticket, they ‘fill that seat.’ Once five tickets are purchased, and five chairs are filled on that lottery, then the drawing will take place. The automatic $BUSD is a solo game that does not require other players to participate. 

Points are also generated randomly by the game algorithm. The max points people can win per play is 42. They can use their points to earn free Blockify tokens. When users select ‘CLAIM’ And confirm the transaction, points will be deducted from their game balance. Users will see a pop-up with the values of what they earned and how many points will be removed. There is a 3-minute cool down before they can play again. It is to curve binding actions.

There are also a few upcoming projects by STFU Labs, including:

  • Fully Interactive DEX: With all analytics regarding $STFU transactions, holder activity, and eventually listing other tokens onto its DEX. All fees accrued from this will benefit the project. 

  • STFU Lend Protocol: Holders can borrow stablecoins using $STFU as collateral or lend STFU for a margin to earn APY! People will also make their own unique ‘credit score’ based on their trading and lending activity.

  • Integrated leaderboard and scoreboard for all their games: Holders of $STFU can enjoy more mini-games such as coinflip, dice, and SpinTheWheel to earn $STFU and $BNB. 

  • Staking $STFU: Staking pools will be added, including rewards in $BNB and $BUSD.

  • Yield Farming: Holders can pair their $STFU with $BNB and stake their L.P. tokens. It will also earn them $STFU tokens.

$BUILD and Block-i-fy partnership details will be announced in the next 24 hours.

Potential holders and crypto enthusiasts interested in STFU Labs, can visit the project’s official website or read the whitepaper.

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