Black Series HQ21, the Secret Weapon of a Family for a Music Festival

September 20 17:33 2022

Hearing about the music festival, the Michaels start their trip from Daytona to Miami right away. They are so surprised that the music festival Welcome to Rockville is to be held in November. Anything could happen amid the pandemic. The annual Welcome to Rockville was canceled for 2020 and is postponed this year. Its zealous fans the Michaels have been present at the festival for years running, but this year they are caught off guard.


The festival lasts four days from Sept. 11 to 14. But Michael’s son Charles hasn’t phone the family about it until Sept. 12. Now the family has missed out on the first day, and the heavy metal band Metallica will give a finale performance tonight. Michael’s passion of for the band that has ushered in the era of heavy metal infects the whole family. Everybody jumps into action. Mom Betty packs up and prepares food, filling the HQ21 trailer bought two years ago with supplies. Dad Michael gets home one hour earlier. He hooks up the trailer with a pickup and sets out with Betty to pick up their daughter and son. Then they go straight towards Daytona, hoping to get to the festival in three hours. They don’t want to miss out on the performance of Metallica. What a cool family! Excited and happy, the Michaels drive fast along Interstate 95. An occasional escape from routine life for family trips not only strengthens bonds of affection, but also provides an excellent opportunity for children to learn how to organize and coordinate. For the music festival of this year, it is the duty of Michael’s 14-year-old daughter Susan to organize the family trip. Told about the details of the festival, she books the tickets for the whole family. Learning that the hotels nearby are packed, she decides that the family will go to the festival with the HQ21, because they have been impressed by how convenient and safe the trailer was when they camped out earlier on. Therefore, she adopts this bold plan and the family successfully gets to the music festival.

Then comes the exciting entry. To ensure the family will get to the stage of Metallica by 9:30 p.m., Susan asks her Dad to park a bit far away from the festival venue and hails a taxi to get the family to the destination. They plan to park the trailer near the festival site after the performance is over. In this way they can build a “fancy hotel” nearby. What a smart kid! Everything goes just as she has predicted and arranged.


At 9:20 p.m. the Michaels arrive. The band is tuning the instruments, ready to perform. Wearing their classic Metallica T-shirts, the family bursts into happy laughter, feeling so lucky that they have made it to the festival within just four hours after they got the news. The performance has been an extraordinary success. Metallica is indeed a veteran metal band that has been performing for more than 30 years. With the music on, they ignite a fireball of passion and joy. One classic song after another sets off waves of sound and gets the crowd boiling. It is a sea of zeal with musical notes dancing like fish jumping above the sea. Everybody dances to the rhythm, pushing the otherwise quiet weekend night towards its exciting climax. 

When the audience of more than 100,000 people has left after watching the show with satisfaction, the Michaels begin to follow what Susan has said about staying in the trailer for the night. Michael and Charles drive the pickup and HQ21 to the parking lot near the festival site. At the same time, Susan and Betty find a good parking spot, and send the location to the guys coming over. How cooperative is this family!


Surprisingly, they find a place in the forest to park their trailer. You can see how their forest hotel suite looks like in the picture. The large bedroom and the annular sofa beds ensure comfortable sleep for the family. The separate bathroom and toilet ensures privacy, hygiene and ease of access. Everyone takes off their sweaty clothes and throws them into the large-capacity washing machine, and takes turns for a comfortable hot shower. Then the family shares a few microwaved hamburgers before going to bed. It is as cozy as at home. 


After a busy but happy day, the family is tired. With lights off, Susan and Betty snuggle up in the sofa bed in the lounge area. Behind the bedroom door, Charles and Michael are asleep in the spacious big bed. The bed has to be really big, because Michael is a fat dad weighing about 150kg, and right now he is snoring!


The family, woken up in the morning by Betty’s coffee and pizza, is about to enjoy their weekend music festival. All in all, the Black Series HQ21 trailer is really a secret weapon for the family to have fun in the music festival…

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