Cognitive Neuroscientist Mera Lord Reveals Compelling Discoveries About the Brain and Human Personalities in Her New Book

August 09 00:40 2022
“Brain Types: You Are Not Your Personality Type, You Are Your Brain Type” is a book by Mera Lord that discusses her findings on how the brain defines humans, rather than the concept of personality types

You Are Not Your Personality Type, You Are Your Brain Type” in which she shares compelling findings about how the brain defines humans rather than personality types. The book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the complex human being on a deeper level and how they can better connect with one another. In the book, Mera explains how the brain controls and runs one’s life and if people understand their ‘Brain Type,’ then they can understand themselves better, and can lead situations according to their wants and wishes instead of letting circumstances lead them.

“By understanding ‘Brain Types,’ you can understand others, your partner, lover, child, teacher, co-worker, and anyone in life better,” explained Mera Lord. “The book will help everyone jump into a better future, shifting from all the unknown to known areas in human interactions. Every unique ‘Brain Type’ perceives the world according to its specific traits and characteristics. As a result, they understand things from their point of view.”

Mera Lord spent a significant amount of time researching and studying how the human brain works and presented her deductions in clearly, engaging forms. There is no denying that the number one conflict among human beings is “Miscommunication” and Mera cites that it is because people have different ‘Brain Types.’ This discovery will help parents understand children better, lovers quarrel less, teachers teach more effectively since they understand students’ different learning styles, school systems can adjust their curriculum to meet students’ needs and students graduate from school without a sense of loss.

After reading the book, psychologists and counselors can help their clients effectively and with more focus. This is because the book presents how people require special and personalized treatments due to their unique brain types. The book offers a refreshing perspective on psychology and is an accessible resource for parents, educators, mental health professionals, and anyone concerned with mental health and wellness. It is guaranteed to help readers fight back anxiety, depression, ADHD, and many psychological problems, achieving emotional healing and fulfillment in the long run.

A review on the book’s Amazon page read, “This book is quite unique. The author’s research discovery on a ‘new angle’ of defining human behavior and character is totally different from any other conventional method. The book is super organized and easy to follow. Mera Lord and her book ‘Brain Types’ is a breakthrough on simplifying us as who we are.”

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About Mera Lord

Mera Lord’s area of research is “Cognitive Neuroscience” which is concerned with the study of the “Biological Processes” and aspects that underline “Cognition” focusing specifically on the “Neural Connections” in the “Brain” and decision-making process.

The concentrations of her research are based upon neuroscience and psychology, overlapping with behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, physiological psychology, and affective neuroscience which is known for the study of the neural mechanisms of emotions. She has worked on her research and studies (1984-2018) to address the question “How cognitive activities are affected and controlled by neural circuits in the brain” where she has discovered “Brain Types” and their uniqueness.

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