Fabric specializing global shopping mall ‘Chungage’, releases self-produced design fabric in the USA.

July 27 15:36 2021

With the decrease in time spent on social activities due to COVID-19, there are more people finding hobbies that can be done at home. It is expected that this phenomenon will continue for some time because of the impact of global COVID-19 re-proliferation.

In fact, according to a statistic by integrated shopping mall ‘Amazon’, the sale volume of hobby-related items increased by 9% in 2020 when a COVID-19 confirmed case first occurred. This was a significant increase from the previous year. In particular, the DIY (do it yourself) related items where people can personally create design clothing, bedding, and accessories are popular. This is because anyone can make their unique items at a lower cost. As such is the case, consumers who are searching for a variety of DIY ingredients are paying attention to the shopping mall ‘Chungage’ which specializes in selling cloth, fabric, and subsidiary materials.

Shopping mall Chungage, specializing in the fabric, deals with around 30,000 items including self-produced fabrics such as cotton, linen, waterproof materials, artificial silk, microfibers, gauze, etc. as well as home fashion, clothing subsidiary material, DIY kits, etc. With DIY as the main topic, materials are prepared from A to Z which allows the consumers to purchase all required materials from one website, Chungage. The CEO of Chungage, Kwon Oh-Myeon, revealed that he operates the shopping mall with the belief that continuous research of customer needs leads to customer satisfaction, and is putting maximum effort towards analyzing the increasing demand and expanding the variety of fabric to fit the purposes of the customer.

The motto of Chungage is to self-design/produce all fabric so that they can provide products with unique designs that cannot be found in other shopping malls without margin and at a reasonable price. Chungage, which is already exporting to other countries via word of mouth, is officially starting its expansion into the US market. They are planning to present not only existing fabric but also self-produced/designed fabric that considers the preferences of American customers.

CEO Kwon Oh-Myeon, who has the aspiration to create a global, integrated living shopping mall based on fabric, revealed that starting with this expansion to the US, they plan to continue providing better service and products by gathering opinions of overseas customers.

Chungage products can be found on their homepage.

Store URL: http://www.chungage.com/

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