Attorney Amanda Demanda Champions the Fight Against Injustice in Hispanic Community Facing Dictatorial Governments

July 23 23:12 2021
Attorney Amanda Demanda Champions the Fight Against Injustice in Hispanic Community Facing Dictatorial Governments

In the world we live in, far too many people have been the victims of oppression from failed social systems and dictatorial governments. Unfortunately, many such people cannot carry on a sustained fight against the glaring injustices. Instead, they have had to rely on the devotion of people like Attorney Amanda Demanda to bring their struggles into the limelight.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Amanda Demanda is a dynamic attorney serving in the community where she was raised. Over the years, she has built up a reputation for being “the people’s attorney” – fighting for those who have suffered loss or injuries due to the negligence of other individuals or organizations. Throughout her legal career, Amanda has prioritized her practice on cases regarding car accidents, auto defects, premises liability injuries, slip and falls, construction injuries, defective drugs, and birth defects. 

Amanda is deeply ingrained in the culture of the “305” community and has demonstrated her dedication and understanding of the community both in and out of the courthouse. As a first-generation American, Amanda Demanda recalls going through a lot of hardship in her early years. According to Amanda, she still carries the scars from witnessing her family’s ordeal due to her parents and grandparents being exiled from their homeland in Cuba. However, rather than be crushed by it, Amanda embraces her heritage and uses it as a motivation to work tirelessly for her Cuban community, seeking ways to help them benefit from the same human rights that she is blessed to have in the United States.

Amanda firmly believes that the well-being of others, places and products are made safer and better through unyielding advocacy for just laws which shed light on systems, practices, and products that have previously gone unchecked.  

Leveraging on her work as an attorney, Amanda spends a significant portion of her life and work efforts highlighting and fighting against the present-day injustices suffered by the Cuban people.  She is constantly forging alliances with those in positions of power and petitioning relevant organizations to throw their weight behind the cause and come to the aid of those who have suffered and continue to endure soul crushing oppression.

Despite all the obstacles and numerous legal hoops in her path, Amanda has been unbowed in her determination to direct the world’s attention to the plight of those she fights for. She believes that her brand for “demanding” justice does not only stop in the courtroom but that it transcends into the bedrock of the Hispanic community as a message of hope.

Indeed, Amanda remains a beacon of optimism, encouraging and soliciting support for those who have been forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods in the face of oppressive governments, reminding them that they are not isolated in their struggles and that there are people who care and are willing to help make a difference.

“I want them to know that even though others may not have been through the same pain, their pain is not in vain.”

In the coming years, Amanda aims to be at the forefront of the movement for justice for the Hispanic community that has faced oppression from failed social systems and dictatorial governments.

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