Bone Broth Dieting is Sweeping the Nation

June 08 00:51 2021
Sip Those Unwanted Pounds Away!

Bone Broth – A Quicker Way to Lose Weight!

The richest form of protein a body can receive at any one time is called Collagen. Collagen is made up of one third of the body’s overall protein levels. Collagen has been identified as being essential for maintaining good bone health, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It can be found in blood vessels, the cornea of the eye and teeth. There are four primary types of collagen in the body’s, and they are as followed:

Type I – Responsible for approximately 90% of the body’s collagen levels that are packed with fibers. They assist with skin and bone structure, hunger cravings, cartilages, tendons, and strengthening teeth.

Type II – Made up of loosely packed fibers that aid in elasticity in joints.

Type III – Supports arteries, muscle fiber and organs in the body.

Type IV – The anti-aging effects of supporting the percolation of skin texture.

Interestingly enough, in an article by McGruther, 2014, it is suggested that bone broth is produced by simmering animal bones and cartilages for over a day, resulting in the anecdotal source of nutrients that support weight loss, bones, skin, fingernails, and toenails. From these simmering bones emerges the collagen protein that bodies need and crave so much. The addition of apple cider vinegar and the effectiveness of simmering bone broth longer than 24-hours results in higher levels of amino acids, instead 72-hour simmering is even more beneficial.

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