Explains Seven Things to Do When Installing Structured Cabling San Francisco

June 03 01:21 2021 Explains Seven Things to Do When Installing Structured Cabling San Francisco

Does anyone know anybody moving or building an office? The quality of its voice and data communications is a crucial consideration. While structured cabling is a vital part of the connected business world of today, it’s often seen as an afterthought. Here, one can read more on the steps to take when installing structured cabling in San Francisco.

Get in Touch with a Provider

Before any other work can take place, one has to contact a provider to set up the transfer of data, voice lines, and accounts. Many providers take months to schedule these moves. If the destination is confirmed, it’s best to make an appointment as far ahead of time as possible.

Draw Up Some Plans

Does the person have schematics of the new office site? If so, there may be a copy outlining where the building’s data and voice connections terminate. For large projects, consider contacting Signal Solutions, as they can help plot these terminations. The installation of multiple data and voice connections is a complicated process, and planning is key to a flawless installation.

Make Space

Next, one needs to choose a wiring and network room of the right size for future growth. When determining the space allotment, 5 Best Security Systems in San Francisco suggests leaving enough room for one or more racks, as well as the tools needed to perform maintenance and repairs.

Choose the Right Cable Type

We receive a lot of questions from our clients, with cable typing being a primary concern. Category 5e and Category 6 cables have much in common, with a couple of notable differences: available bandwidth from 100-200mhz and transmission performance. These cables are nearly equivalent in cost, and going with Category 6 will future-proof a business from subsequent data transmission issues.

Do a WiFi Survey

As data transmission and usage evolve, so will the need for upgraded WiFi solutions. A great way to ensure the successful deployment of wireless internet resources is to perform a pre-installation survey. These surveys provide the in-depth analysis needed to roll out effective solutions. Call today for a quote or to request additional information on the placement of wireless access points.

Consider Feature Upgrades

When planning an office move, it may be worthwhile to consider a newer, better phone system. There are several types to keep in mind, including VoIP, analog, digital, and hosted, to name a few. Depending on one company’s requirements, we can help make an informed decision.

Make a Smooth Move

Just as structured cabling is a key part of a network’s infrastructure, so is the act of moving server room and user-side technology. We can coordinate these moves from beginning to end, performing a complete audit of the company’s connections and equipment. Then, everything is packed up and moved to the new office, where it’s reinstalled and connectivity is verified. It’s easy to make a seamless move.

When moving an office’s data and voice lines, it’s important to get the right advice. According to, we’re one of the area’s best providers of structured cabling solutions. Contact us today to discuss one’s project or to request a no-obligation quote.

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