Eco-conscious company Earths Laundry launches Eco-Friendly, Safe and Effective Laundry Detergent Sheets to reduce plastic consumption

June 02 20:21 2021
Earths Laundry is a newly launched environmentally-conscious company that aspires to fight against environmental issues with its unique green detergent sheets.

June 02, 2021 – Plastic pollution kills around 100,000 marine animals and 1 million marine birds every year and regular plastic detergent jugs are one of the major contributors here. Also, traditional detergents are laden with harsh chemicals and toxins that are harmful for both users and the planet. In that light, a new green-conscious company, Earths Laundry, is looking forward to redefining the washing detergent scene and for better with innovative eco-friendly, safe and highly efficient Laundry Detergent Sheets.

Detergent sheets are dissolvable paper-thin sheets layered with required cleaning ingredients. Earths Laundry detergent sheets are eco-friendly, biodegradable and more cost-efficient than regular laundry detergent plastic jugs.

“Plastic pollution is an alarming problem today and one of the major reasons behind the ongoing climate change around the world. Our traditional washing routine and dependence on plastic detergent jugs only abet the problem further. If the menace is not checked in time, both the flora and fauna would be gravely damaged. There is an urgent need for a sustainable washing product that could help to stop this constant attack on our mother Earth. It’s such ethos that led us to launch Earths Laundry”, stated Tamana, the co-founder of Earths Laundry.

To reduce landfill waste, the Earths Laundry detergent sheets are strategically packaged in eco-friendly cardboard boxes. Moreover, the sheets are completely free of harsh chemicals and environmentally-harmful toxins (strong acids, parabens and phosphates) and are made of naturally derived ingredients only. They are hypoallergenic and hence safe for both the environment and the users. Both the sheets and the packaging box are biodegradable.

“The existing detergents that we find in plastic jugs are packed with harsh chemical ingredients and toxins which are harmful both for the planet and the user. We wanted to find a safer alternative which would help us to wash our clothes without posing danger to the environment and also to us. After extensive research across the market we could not find a desired alternative and hence decided to create something on our own. And that led to the foundation of Earths Laundry. By choosing Earths Laundry eco-friendly detergent sheets you will be able to take a big step in reducing plastic consumption and also in lessening the amount of waste in landfills.”

Per the statements of Tamana (Co-founder), their detergent sheets are any day a smarter alternative to traditional liquid detergent. One would simply have to toss a pre-measured sheet into the machine and it’s done. Earths Laundry detergent sheets are extremely user-friendly, there is no messy liquid to deal with and that makes them perfect for travel as well. 

Earths Laundry eco-friendly detergent sheets come in two variants- Fragrance Free Detergent Sheets and Lavender Detergent Sheets. Each box contains 60 sheets. 

While approached about the cleaning quality of the latest Earths Laundry detergent sheets, the spokesperson assured a superior experience.

“Our detergent sheets are not only eco-friendly but also assure a premium cleaning experience. We promise you deep and spotless clean whether you opt for a machine wash or a hand wash. They are also easy to use which makes the shift to sustainable washing more convenient than ever.”

For more information, please visit or YouTube. And Follow Earths Laundry on Instagram @earthslaundry.

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