Summit Learning Institute, LLC, Addresses Skills Gap for Students and Adults Via Online Learning

May 29 03:57 2021
New platform is increasing employment odds for students with skills based learning.

Summit Learning Institute, LLC, is addressing a major skills gap which exists for both students and adults with an online platform that helps increase employment with skills based learning for the 21st century.

“Today’s workforce is experiencing a once-in-a-generation level of change,” said the team at Summit Learning Institute, LLC. “Businesses must respond to new challenges by equipping their employees with new skills and capabilities to position them for success in a rapidly modernizing workforce.”

The fourth industrial revolution has fractured the workforce, creating a skills gap in which new jobs are available but there aren’t enough qualified people to fill them. Summit Learning Institute, LLC, has made it their mission to offer an online learning platform that solves this issue with skilled based learning for the 21st century that hinges upon the tenets of lifelong learning and self-empowerment via various course offerings.

For instance, Retooling for a Changing and Competitive Job Market helps students develop a framework and skills set to further develop themselves for the changing and emerging job market. These skills are detrimental for employment in the modern age.

Beyond courses, Summit Learning Institute, LLC, offers a VIP private community and coaching for individuals and small groups for helping course participants develop and implement necessary strategies for achieving goals.

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Summit Learning Institute, LLC, offers an online learning platform cultivating 21st century skills, lifelong learning, and self-empowerment through various course offerings.

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