The Nail Clipper That Helps Reduce Joint Pain

May 28 22:03 2021
Safely Trim Nails With Better Grip & Control.

What if there’s a better way to clip fingernails & toenails than fumbling around with flimsy clippers that are too small for your hands?

Would it be shocking to hear that something as regular as trimming toenails could be made even more comfortable and safe?

This newly designed nail clipper is doing just that and it’s taking the industry by storm. ClipperPro was designed by San Diego doctor, Mark McBride, to easily trim fingernails & toenails. The revolutionary design is helping people who struggle with simple tasks and giving them back their confidence and independence. Whether people suffer from arthritis, joint, or muscle pains in their hands the ClipperPro nail clippers have a large handle and are designed to be held in the palm of the hand for more control and comfort.

The extra care put into the handle design requires very little strength to operate which means very little pressure on the wrists. It also has a unique swiveling blade, which makes it easy to clip nails in hard-to-reach areas at a comfortable angle. This user-friendly feature makes cutting children’s or even grandparent’s nails easy as pie. Anyone who trims their nails regularly needs to order a ClipperPro today. Surgeons designed them, so they are top quality.

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