Decorative Recessed Light Trim & Antique-Inspired Trims for Can Lights

May 05 20:42 2021
Available in 6 Sizes. Choose from 13 Gorgeous Trim Finishes

Customer Testimonial

“Not only did I receive the most beautiful recessed light medallions but they called me to make sure that I was ordering the right size trim for my lights… Never have I ever had a company care so much for my happiness.” – Courtney, Texas

Add the Finishing Touch to Recessed Lighting, in Any Space

Beaux-Arts Classic Products is the originator of decorative recessed light trims and historic reproduced trims for recessed can lights. A beautifully embellished trim adds a stunning finish to recessed lighting in any room. Our trims are uniquely designed and painstakingly crafted to add value and class to a home, office or other space. They are the most elegant replacement decorative recessed light trims you’ll find in the marketplace.

Don’t Neglect Your Ceiling

The trim on traditional recessed lighting can easily be ignored when it comes to the aesthetics of a room. A standard recessed light comes with a very basic trim that is meant to blend with the ceiling. A decorative trim, on the other hand, adds a finishing touch you never knew was missing, especially if you desire a classic style. 

A History of Excellence

In 2006, Beaux Arts Classic Products’ trims were awarded the best new lighting product award in Residential Lighting Magazine. While our decorative recessed lighting trims are relatively new, the design of the trim is authentically historical. The masters we use to create our decorative light trims are historical ornaments. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to digitize these classic masters and reproduce the trims in sizes that work with all manufacturers of recessed lighting. The trims are cast in resin, which retains the original details of the carvings.

Available Sizes and Styles

Choose from six standard sizes of decorative trim to complete the look of your recessed lighting:

3-inch, 3 ¾-inch, 4-inch trims: These stunning Victorian style recessed light trims fit several sizes of light canisters and trim combinations, including Halo, Cooper Lighting, Lithonia, and Globe Electric. These include LED and halogen lighting.

5-inch trim: Also in the Victorian style, our 5-inch trims can be used with Lightolier 5-inch dome reflectors and 5-inch Lytecaster 1000 series reflectors, step baffles and aperture cones.

6-inch and 6 ¾-inch trim: You’ll find the most style options in this size, including Victorian, Tuscany and Florentine. They can be used with hardware manufactures that include Halo, Cooper Lighting, Lightolier, Lytecaster, Juno Lighting, Progress, and most other 6-inch canisters.

Trim Finishes

Make your recessed lighting trim unique by choosing from 13 gorgeous trim finishes, in metallic and matte styles. They include:

● Aged copper trim

● Antique brass trim

● Antique cherry trim

● Black trim

● Bright gold trim

● Burnished gold trim

● Chinese red trim

● Dark bronze trim

● Nickel trim

● Pewter trim

● Rubbed bronze trim

● Umber gold trim

● White trim

Our Decorative Trim is Easy to Install

No need to hire a contractor or electrician to install beautiful lighting on your ceiling. It takes just two minutes for you to completely transform your recessed lighting yourself with our trim. All our decorative trims easily fit around the appropriately sized rim and are secured by that baffle around the light bulb. The baffle is not included with the decorative trim, but can easily be found or replaced when needed.

LED Retrofit Baffle Trims, Recessed Chandeliers and Other Specialty Options

If these trim sizes and styles aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we also carry:

Decorative trim that fits over LED retrofit baffle trim and wafer slims: Diameter sizes include 4 5/16-inch trim, 4 5/8-inch trim, 5-inch trim, 6-inch trim, 6 3/8-inch trim, 6 3/4-inch trim, 7 1/4-inch trim, 7 1/2-inch trim, 7 3/4-inch trim and 8-inch trim.

Recessed chandeliers: These create a beautiful sparkle by illuminating the crystals that hang below. These are available in the same sizes and finishes as our standard recessed light trims.

About the Company:

Beaux-Art Classic Products manufactures elegant, functional, and durable architectural products for homes. They offer 74 different sizes of decorative grilles and is among the best in the market with quality, classic style and beautiful finishes.

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