Australian First-tier Skin Care Brand EAORON Launches Christmas Suit One Box Contains the Popular Products of the Bee Venom Series

December 11 01:27 2020

Christmas is approaching, the major brand-name skin care products take advantage of marketing. Among them, Australia’s number one skin care brand EAORON recently released a Christmas-themed box product, which has attracted a lot of fans. It is reported that this Christmas set includes the latest popular products of EAORON’s bee venom series, including bee venom face cream, bee venom eye cream and bee venom hand cream. With exquisite packaging and three popular products, this special customized version of the product attracted wide attention from consumers as soon as it was put on the market.

It is reported that EAORON bee venom cream uses melittin, a rare anti-aging ingredient purified by scientists from manuka bee venom, which is called “liquid gold” because of its excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and promoting collagen regeneration. In addition, the R & D team also uses the world’s latest plant quenching technology, bringing together a variety of temple-level anti-aging ingredients such as R3 bee venom recovery factor, green propolis, manuka honey and quintuple hyaluronic acid. After using it for a period of time, it can effectively stimulate cell vitality and regeneration, fight against free radicals, and finally make the skin tight and smooth, full Q-bullet effect, and easily open the reverse aging mode.

On the other hand, EAORON propolis eye cream relies on the two core components of propolis tight peptide and R3 propolis recovery factor, which can cut off the nerve impulses between nerves and muscles, relax the excessively contracted periocular muscles, thus reshape the strong periocular muscle floor structure network and achieve the effect of removing lines and anti-wrinkle. At the same time, it can also stimulate the skin to produce collagen on its own, making the periphery of the eyes tender and smooth. In addition, in order to solve the problem of dry eyes caused by daily high-intensity blinking exercise, a variety of plant nutrients such as baobab, olive fruit and ceramide are added to the eye cream. It can effectively relieve the periphery of the eyes, quickly replenish water for 1 second to establish a water-locking barrier, and provide 24-hour long-term moisturizing.

EAORON bee venom hand cream is the brand’s latest product.

This product came into being in the context of this year’s epidemic, and can save delicate hands tortured by hand sanitizer with the super self-healing power of bee venom. The product uses Australian penetration technology to release layer by layer the essence of kaolin, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, shea butter four active ingredients, slow release into the skin. Its moisturizing and repairing power is extremely strong, which can accelerate the hand skin to restore its fresh and tender state step by step.

“Every Christmas, EAORON releases a limited edition of Christmas-themed products. EAORON, the top-selling skin care brand in Australia, is the inventor of bee venom mask. The bee venom series has always been the proudest product line of EAORON. What we did not expect is that this year’s product is so popular. This set has been booked by major stores in Australia before it is officially available. At present, we are working hard to produce it to meet the needs of the market.” The head of the marketing department of EAORON said in an interview with the reporter.

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