Amaru Son Sets New Records with Outstanding Single

December 11 01:24 2020
Amaru Son Sets New Records with Outstanding Single

Rapping conveys a message and tells a narrative through rhymes and beats. It is also considered a way of evoking emotions for the listeners to enjoy the whole experience. Amaru Son is one of the dominating rappers in the music industry. Born with natural creativity, Amaru uses his talent and skills in creating music that touches the mind and soul. Also, Amaru has a profound interest in art, especially in anime graphic images.

Amaru Son, born as JaKealon Amaru Chase, was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up surrounded by musically inclined relatives and loved ones, Amaru grew fond of music and its dynamics. He enjoys listening to all variants of music and has always imagined himself dominating the music industry.

Amaru has been compared to some of the big names in the music industry as a music artist. These people include Juice WRLD, Iann Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and THE KID LAROI. Despite the comparison, Amaru does not dwell too much on the competition. Instead, he works his way to make a massive impact on his listeners and the industry. 

But Amaru was not always focused on music. A couple of years back, he devoted interest in track and field. It was only for a brief moment, until he realized it was not what he dreamt of doing for the rest of his life. After being in college for a semester, he fell completely out of it. During this time, Amaru met a group of people with a common denominator that led to a shared interest. He met friends who were lovers of music. They adored music and every bit of it. Since then, Amaru realized that maybe music was his calling. It did not take too much effort for him to come up with that realization. 

Amaru Son is also a lover of anime. His healthy obsession with the anime culture has led him to think of a promising start-up. He came up with his branding and used this advantage to work on a customized graphic for himself. In hopes of voice acting in a future anime series, he pours all his creative juices to work with his brand. Dragon Ball Z is the anime style he wants to emulate in his art.

Being successful both as a music artist and a lover and promoter of anime culture, Amaru Son is bound to set new records in his lifetime. These achievements comprise another milestone for Amaru. His single “Lost and Found” went viral with over six million total streams on different streaming platforms in the music industry. 

Amaru’s melodic rap found a way to capture the hearts of his listeners. His outstanding single has left significant marks on everyone who listens to it. For these reasons, Amaru Son is one of the most influential music artists in the industry. He continues to make unique and relatable music while promoting his brand for graphic arts. 

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