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September 30 01:34 2020

The millennial generation is not so keen on making financial decisions; rather, they are recognized as big spenders and they often come from financially illiterate backgrounds. They spend an extensive amount buying expensive gadgets, going on lavish adventure trips, and purchasing the latest and greatest fashion accessories. After all this, they very rarely have any idea on how to keep things afloat while tracking their finances for their overall betterment. 

Carlos Ariel Then established the Mr. Then Consulting platform to offer advice on financial and business-related matters to the new generation. He has over 10 years of experience and has worked with many professionals in this field that have bestowed upon him the knowledge that others often seek. Carlos completed his education from the University of Rhode Island in the year 2014. After completing his education, he worked with many large corporate entities and renowned professionals to establish himself as an expert in the field. Then, Carlos decided to take things into his own hands, and finally, he opened a safe portal for people that are like him who want to make their tomorrow better now. 

Carlos launched his brand as a place where he could talk to the masses and people who are confused with their finances without being restricted. His services include one on one coaching on financial money habits and even investment in the real estate sector. Other than that, he is also offering tax and credit coaching, which is really useful for the upcoming generations as it is something that is not taught in schools. His main focus is on millennials of course as he’s labeled himself the “Millennial Business and Finance Coach”. Being part of this same generation has allowed him to connect with his clients on a deeper level and is fully aware of the troubles that they face handling finances. His professional advice has helped many of his peers to flourish and even start their own businesses. 

After serving many entrepreneurs and millennials around, Carlos had finally decided to enter the world of authorship. He has launched his first book entitled “Learn: Drop the L and Earn.” This book is the manifestation of everything that Mr. Then aims to do. This book was launched in the year 2019, and it is doing great in the market as an Amazon number 1 release in just the first few hours of being published. The main focus of the book is on educating readers regarding successful entrepreneurship. It guides his readers to adopt the habits of the leaders; doing so allows them to make the right decisions at the right time to lock in the opportunities on their way. This book reflects upon the years of experience Mr. Then had and also dives into his story and why he does what he does today. 

About Carlos Ariel Then

Carlos Ariel Then graduated from the University of Rhode Island and completed his degree in Applied Economics and International Relations. After completing his education, Mr. Then saw the difficulties the millennial generation was facing and decided that they desperately needed help from a peer. While going through ups and downs, Carlos decided to open a consultation agency and educate the upcoming generations on money matters. He has a website dedicated to his business that provides Real Estate Coaching, Personal and Business Coaching, along with Tax and Credit building training and tips. At the beginning of 2020, he finished his latest book called “I Give You Credit: A Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Repair,” which provides templates and resources to help people not only understand credit but improve it. Carlos has contributed a lot to his website and wrote different articles that have also helped his devoted readers and following. His writing works as a piece of motivation for the entrepreneurs of the future.

In order to know more about Carlos Ariel Then, we asked him a few questions recently:

Q. What books you are planning to write in the future?

A. My next book “What are my Options?” will be coming out soon hopefully. It focuses on Options trading and investment and I hope to cut the learning curve for many.

Q. How young entrepreneurs can benefit from your services?

A. I always say “Learn: Drop the L and Earn”. What you can learn from others will allow you to take their experience and avoid the L’s or losses that they might have had along the way. When you make fewer mistakes in life you set yourself up for a more successful future.

Q. Can millennials book an appointment for online consultation with your organization?

A. Yes! You can easily go on my website and select the booking option. 


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