Fountain Tech Offering Top-of-the-Line Indoor and Outdoor Pond Fountains and Pond Pumps at Affordable Rates

January 03 00:15 2023
Fountain Tech is introducing its latest selection of floating pond fountains for creating relaxed, environmentally-friendly settings, as well as cost-effective indoor and outdoor pumps from 3,500 GPH to 14,000 GPH.

As a leading brand of Fountain Mountain, Inc., Fountain Tech is into the manufacturing of indoor and outdoor fountain pumps and floating pond fountains. The distributor also supplies the industrial-quality Kasco and Scott fountains. Fountain Tech provides ornamental pond fountains and aerators that help create oxygen-rich waterscapes, as well as LED fountain lighting to add a touch of charm to the evening sky. With these fountains, it is easy to transform an average garden pond into a stunning outdoor feature.

At a freshly held industry event, the spokesperson of Fountain Tech revealed, “We not only sell our products in retail but also in wholesale. Presently, we are introducing our newest selection of floating pond fountains that are a great way to make the stagnant water healthier, with improved quality and appearance. We have fountains that circulate the surface of any pool or lake, reducing the population levels of pesky insects like mosquitoes and curbing the growth of algae. Our customers can explore Fountain Tech models like FF-3500, FF-14000, and FF-6000.”

The cost-effective Fountain Tech range is very suitable for those who may be worried about the floating pond fountain cost. Floating pond fountains offer a fantastic visual experience with their mesmerizing displays of water flowing up and out of the middle of lakes, ponds, and other water bodies. These fountains help promote a healthier environment for the fish and plants in the area. The floating pond fountain’s aerating feature decomposes dissolved waste from the water and increases oxygen levels, leading to clearer water.

The spokesperson also shared, “Our economical Fountain Tech products are also energy-efficient. These pond fountains are easy to assemble. Ready to plug and play, the user can simply connect the fountain to their GFCI for safety. Our FF-3500 model offers four different displays; the FF-14000 offers six displays and the FF6000 fountain offer six different fountain displays! The 14000 fountain may not shoot as high as some fountains, but it provides large water bubbles to help more with pond aeration.”

In addition to the fountain for ponds, customers can get small or large pumps to meet varied needs. Fountain Tech supplies low-cost indoor pumps that have an easy installation process. These energy-efficient pieces provide your fountain or waterfall with beautiful views from all around. Customers can choose a pump according to their pond size. The distributor also carries a variety of outdoor pumps that are useful when water needs to be brought up from a lower level to a higher one. Outdoor pumps are also useful to reduce unwanted ambient noise.

About Fountain Tech:

Fountain Tech is a specialist provider of indoor and outdoor fountains and fountain accessories. Whether its customers want to buy floating pond fountains or need LED fountain lights, the distributor carries them all. Fountain Tech’s innovative water features provide ample opportunity to create an oasis in the middle of any backyard or large acreage. The distributor offers reliable and efficient equipment that would not cost the user an arm and a leg. Fountain Tech also is open to specialized orders for specialized pumps.

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