The Man Who’s On A Mission To Make Eye Care Affordable & Accessible Around The World

December 31 00:00 2022

As a scientist and entrepreneur, Dr Ashkan Eliasy has dedicated his life to advancing healthcare technologies and democratizing their access. From an early age, he developed a passion for programming, technological capabilities, and entrepreneurship. During two summer placements, while studying structural engineering, he developed a complete software package that was used for biomechanics research involving eye x-rays.

In parallel to working full-time as a senior research associate, Ashkan pursued his MBA and PhD in biomedical engineering, both part-time and simultaneously in 2017 and completed both qualifications in 2.5 years instead of the typical 6 years duration for completing a part-time PhD.

For his MBA dissertation on corporate finance, Ashkan applied AI techniques to predict returns on investments, replacing traditional capital asset pricing models and enhancing corporate funding strategies. After it was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it led him to meet an investor banker, co-found a fintech startup ( and become its CTO from January 2021 to date.

The culmination of this journey has been inventing technologies that advanced eye healthcare; therefore, from January 2023, he is joining the University of Liverpool’s medtech spin-out ( as co-founder and CEO to democratize their access. There he will be introducing disruptive medical devices that are <20% of the cost of the next cheapest commercially available one.

This will help make advanced eye care more affordable and accessible around the world without compromising on quality or precision. Ashkan believes it is important to invest back into society; all nations should have equal access to healthcare regardless of their financial standing – be it low-income families or people living in remote areas beyond urban centers where hospitals may not exist.

Imagine a world where there is no avoidable vision loss, through regular checkups without needing to travel far distances. Everyone can reap the benefits that advancements in modern technologies have brought us over the past few decades, allowing us to get the best medical treatments possible – no matter what our background or location might be!

You can contact and support Ashkan via his LinkedIn account here: (

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