ModelScopeLab – Super sturdy folding large capacity scooter bag

December 30 16:28 2022
ModelScopeLab - Super sturdy folding large capacity scooter bag
ABS explosion-proof material丨8L large capacity丨Suitable for all models丨 Maximum loading weight 25kg丨tool-free installation

Scooter Bag is a special bag for scooters with a large folding capacity, which can be stored in a 5cm box when not in use. When in use, it can have large capacity space by simply unfolding it easily, and can store 4 to 6 bottles of mineral water without occupying too much space.

“We have noticed that electric scooters are one of the transportation tools used by many people. According to a report, global sales of electric scooters are expected to reach 129 million by 2028. However, in the market, many car baskets need to be selected according to the model, which will also make consumers confused when choosing. The installation of the Scooter Bag determines its wide applicability, which is why we choose to manufacture this car basket,” said the CEO

Scooter bags can be applied to all kinds of electric scooters, even ordinary scooters can be mounted, and the installation is very easy. It can be firmly fixed on the car by gently screwing on a few screws.

The Scooter Bag made of ABS explosion-proof material has super durability and an incredibly hard shell. No matter how you fall or step on it, it will not break. This is a scooter bag that you can use for 100 years!

“When selecting materials, we took various factors into consideration, so we chose durable materials. Due to the super strong structure, Scooter Bag will not break when the scooter falls, because this is our design concept, which is sturdy and durable.”

Scooter Bag also has a larger capacity than most car baskets on the market. The capacity of scooter bags on the market is usually 3L, which cannot meet the daily use needs of many people. Scooter Bag’s 8L scooter bag can meet the placement of all your daily necessities.

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