Craig Molyneux discusses scalp micropigmentation, a new permanent solution for hair loss

December 30 02:06 2022
Craig Molyneux discusses scalp micropigmentation, a new permanent solution for hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation is a groundbreaking new hair treatment that is now available to combat male baldness. Because of this unique technological innovation, many men suffering from hair loss and receding hairlines can now benefit from scalp pigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation can also be used to conceal scars from hair transplant surgery and to enhance the appearance of hair density in cases of hair thinning. The treatment is effective for a wide range of hair thinning issues, including crown hair thinning and receding hairlines. Scalp pigmentation can also be used to treat alopecia and total hair loss. Scars can also be concealed with it. The procedure offers an immediate solution to hair loss. Craig Molyneux is one of the few people who has mastered the technique of creating this natural look.

SMP provides immediate results, allowing patients to achieve the appearance of thicker hair with just one treatment. 

It is frequently used as an alternative to hair transplants, which involve implanting hair roots into the scalp and allowing them to regrow. It can, however, be used in addition to hair transplants or to conceal the results of previous hair surgery that was not properly performed.

When Should You Get A Hair Tattoo?

If you are experiencing hair loss, you will most likely try to conceal it on a daily basis. Caps, hoodies, and other similar headgear can help conceal what’s going on above your head. These, however, are not long-term solutions to the problem. Everyone around you will eventually notice that you are going bald because your head is still hairless.

Scalp micropigmentation can help with this. The procedure makes it appear as if you’ve just shaved or buzzed your head. The overall effect is convincing because it appears clean and sophisticated, particularly when combined with a short stubble!

How does SMP work?

A hair  tattoo is made up of dots that imitate hair follicles on your scalp to give the appearance of hair follicles. To make the scalp tattoo look as natural as possible, a variety of needle angles, pigment colour, needle thickness, and penetration depths could be used in a single session.

The hair tattoo procedure employs a variety of carefully mixed pigments and specialist needles to ensure consistent coverage of small hair follicles. Scalp micropigmentation has helped many men and women over the years to stop worrying, and it has earned the respect of the global hair recovery community because of its effectiveness and natural appearance.

This hair loss treatment method complemented Craig Molyneux’s barbering career and desire to help others look and feel better about themselves. 

Craig Molyneux and his scalp micro pigmentation company HD Hairlines is always striving to improve. Improve the team standards, the quality of the ink and equipment used, and the skills and processes in place. This ensures that every customer has a better experience and walks out with a new lease on life and confidence to match their HD hairline.

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