The New Saudi Labor Law: Introducing Significant Labor Reforms 2022

December 29 17:32 2022

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced significant labor reforms with the new Saudi Labor Law. The law seeks to protect workers’ rights and ensure that employers comply with labor regulations. In this blog post, we will discuss the key points of the new law and their implications for employees and employers alike. Please check the website of lawyer in Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia’s New Labor Reforms

The new Saudi labor law aims to support the working class and guarantee their rights. It includes definitions and general provisions, the organization of employment processes, the employment of non-Saudis, training and rehabilitation, and relationships. The law has been amended and added new provisions clarifying the workflow plan in all institutions between the employer and the expatriate employee. One can see the website: best lawyer in Jeddah

 It also provides for annual leave for workers, which shall not be less than twenty-one days and may be extended to thirty days. Additionally, Article 80 of the Labor Law has a major role in guaranteeing the rights of workers, such as a reward for the period of their service and a leave for the arrival of a newborn. please see more : Jeddah lawyer

What is the new change in Saudi Labor Law?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently amended its labor law through Royal Decree No. (M/24). This amendment includes changes in the working hours for Muslims, who during the month of Ramadan can now have a maximum of six hours per day and 30 hours per week. Additionally, the new law also provides for an additional hour’s wages for overtime and for the fees associated with recruiting non-Saudi workers. see more : lawyer in jeddah

 Moreover, workers are now entitled to a leave for the arrival of a newborn and will be able to change their work or leave the Kingdom without the consent of the sponsor. Furthermore, the employer is now responsible for providing rewards or penalties related to the ownership change of the establishment. These amendments aim to support and reform the labor market while providing an appropriate legislative environment for the development of the labor system in the Kingdom.

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