Matters needing attention before ADSS optical cable fusion

December 29 13:20 2022

In the process of installing the optical cable, a welding process is required. Since the ADSS optical cable itself is very fragile, it can be easily damaged even under slight pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out this difficult work carefully during the specific operation. In order to perfectly complete this task, relevant experts concluded and found that there are three main considerations for ADSS optical cable fusion as follows.

1, pay attention to the preparation work before welding:

In order to avoid electric shock, if the work is carried out in particularly humid weather, grounding measures should be taken first. Before welding the ADSS optical cable, the corresponding length should be calculated to cut off the heavier side, and for better welding, the lamp should be turned on for the specified distance. At the same time, the length of the loose tube should be determined according to the situation, and the internal structure at night must be avoided during operation, so the depth of the blade must be controlled.

2, pay attention to the operation:

When wiping, in order to avoid damaging the inside of the ADSS optical cable, do not wipe from the root to avoid damaging the end, and avoid twisting the ADSS optical cable during any operation, otherwise it is easy to cause damage. At the same time protect the operator’s own eyes and skin, especially do not stare at the end face of the fiber when using the laser. The fibers will pierce the skin after peeling off the surface layer, so you need to be very careful when soldering. Moreover, some discarded materials cannot be disposed of at will, and should be collected and disposed of according to regulations.

3, pay attention to the corresponding measures according to the weather conditions:

In the case of low temperature in winter, in order to avoid the influence of low temperature, genuine ADSS optical cable manufacturers remind that electric heating air should be used to increase the ambient temperature. It is best to wrap the welding machine with an electric blanket to raise its temperature. to make sure it works. If the weather is relatively humid, ADSS optical cable manufacturers suggest to take moisture-proof measures, especially the heat-shrinkable tube should not be flushed out, it should be placed in a bag, and removed when in use, and construction should be stopped during the rainy season.

The above are the three main considerations for ADSS optical cable welding. In addition, it should be noted that the fiber should not be touched to any other fibers before soldering, as the fiber surface may be affected by dust contamination.

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