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December 28 12:32 2022

In these critical times, vaccine solutions are always needed and as such, they should be ready to be administered when emergency situations call for their use. New viruses are emerging, so high grade pharmacy vaccine fridges will always be needed so that these essential vaccines can be stored safely and their efficacy, when kept inside these vaccine refrigerators, will be maintained.

Haier Biomedical, a leading global medical research, medical equipment and pharmaceutical company, is at the forefront of this campaign to keep these essential vaccines safe to be administered to their intended recipients during this critical storage period. Being a world leader in the delivery of quality refrigeration equipment in the cold chain ecosystem, Haier takes seriously its social responsibility and consistently keeps thinking ahead and updating its vaccine storage solutions.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 500 million people worldwide are slipping into poverty. Parallel to this sad phenomenon is their never-ending high percentage risk of being infected with Covid 19 and its present and upcoming variants. For example, in far flung areas in Bangladesh, Togo, South Sudan, South Africa and other poverty-stricken countries with citizens who do not have the basic electrical utilities needed for traditional refrigeration equipment to operate reliably and maintain the efficacy of the vaccines shipped to their locations, successful vaccine rollouts will always be a problem.

But Haier Biomedical has created solutions for these logistic difficulties which are always hard to solve. Countless fully solar powered Haier Biomedical vaccine refrigerators have been shipped throughout the world to cross out the need to beat zero electricity presence and in areas with unreliable power supply, beat the constant power outages. The vaccines need not lose their effectivity in stamping out Covid 19 and other viruses which have been killing unwilling victims in these poverty-stricken areas.

Because of these solar powered pharmacy vaccine fridges, over 45 countries have been delivered more than 2,000 pharmacy vaccine fridges and more than 350 super low temperature freezers by Haier Biomedical, helping tremendously in the worldwide struggle against Covid 19. Advanced medical technology knowledge and highly qualified scientists and engineers have turned Haier Biomedical into a world leader for virus prevention technology which are both WHO and PQS certified.

To cite examples of the social responsibility that has been fulfilled by Haier:

*** In South Sudan, which is extremely insufficient in its infrastructure for roads, electricity, water and health care facilities, Haier Biomedical delivered 260 solar powered vaccine refrigerators which can ably maintain a 2-to-8-degree centigrade operation efficiency for more than 160 hours without the need for electrical power supply.

*** In South Africa, widespread installation of more than 1,000 cold chain equipment for vaccine storage have been executed by Haier Biomedical. This helped accelerate the South African government’s Vaccine Roll Out Program to hard to reach and depressed areas of the country.

*** Similarly, in Bangladesh, the successful delivery of 26 ULT freezers which can store over 300,000 doses of Covid vaccines, have happened, courtesy of Haier Biomedical, the vaccination program has been rolled out to 98 percent of the target population and 75 percent of the Bangladesh total population.


Haier is a long-term forecaster of the needs of the world, especially the underdeveloped and developing regions, for the need of vaccine refrigerators, especially those which are not dependent on traditional electricity which is prone to power outages. Haier doesn’t respond to problems in a knee-jerk reactive way but is rather proactive – anticipating the needs before they happen.

Way back in 2006, Haier Biomedical already achieved a medical technology breakthrough by creating the first -86-degree super low temperature freezer in mainland China. Then, in 2011, Haier won the first PQS certification in China, which is jointly recognized by WHO, UN and UNICEF. In 2016, ultra-low temperature devices by Haier Biomedical were welcomed into the UK Biobank. The company was doing its share in helping the world’s advanced biomedical scientific research for the good of mankind.


If your business or organization have products or merchandise which need ultra-low temperature solutions to be able to reach their intended markets or destinations, there is no doubt that Haier Biomedical will have the answers for you. Give us a call or email us and we shall reach out to you in the soonest time possible.

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