This Woman Is Teaching People How To Trust Their Gut And Make Decisions With Their Heart

December 28 12:00 2022

When Lisa Stamper was young, she had a difficult childhood filled with struggle and heartache. To cope, she numbed out her emotions and slowly lost touch with who she was. Eventually, this coping mechanism stopped working and the pain became too unbearable to handle. One desperate night, she called out for help – and that’s when everything changed for her.

She says the next morning, an invisible guiding force pushed her to go to a bookstore. When she arrived there, the same force guided her to the exact aisle and book that would be pivotal in transforming her life forever. Reading it began her healing journey of inner work. Though it was challenging, it was the breakthrough she needed to turn her pain into strength and wisdom that would help others in their own lives.

It has been integral in helping her uncover alignment with her soul and find purpose within herself – something that has brought immense fulfilment into her life while also allowing her to teach others how to use their intuition so they can live extraordinary lives of their own. 

She also deeply longed to be loved and cherished; believing in the fairytale notion that prince charming would come along, sweep her off her feet and they would live happily ever after. As life unfolded she realized this wasn’t reality-based and it became clear that only through unconditionally loving herself first could she experience the love and acceptance she yearned for from others.

It felt like an arduous journey but making sure her “why” was bigger than any excuse drove her forward until reaching where she is today: teaching others how they can heal, love themselves deeply & live meaningful lives using their spiritual connection & intuition!

Lisa is now a Professional Intuitive Life & Business Coach, 3x International Best-Selling Author, and a world renowned, highly sought after speaker who has spoken at Harvard University and shared the stage with Jack Canfield and many other world thought leaders.

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