Nobody Studios Pursues the Impossible and Revolutionizes Business Building and Wealth Creation

December 28 10:21 2022
Nobody Studios Pursues the Impossible and Revolutionizes Business Building and Wealth Creation

Entrepreneurs will find new ways to elevate business development in 2023 – this is one of several fearless forecasts of business experts, and Nobody Studios is at the forefront of making this happen as it targets the creation of 100 compelling companies in the next five years. This may appear ambitious, even to the most seasoned entrepreneurs anywhere in the world, but the company is out to prove that it is more than able to make them happen. Not only is it pursuing the impossible, but it is also poised to revolutionize business development and wealth creation in a way never before imagined. 

“To accomplish our goal of 100 companies in five years (and many more in the following years), we’ll need a tremendous amount of talent, influence, and capital,” said Tiffany Hansen, vice president of operations at Nobody Studios. “And we want to give everyone the opportunity to be part of it.”

Over the past few years, venture studios have been actively and effectively disrupting traditional venture processes and recorded a growth rate of 625%. A lot of people are still trying to learn how venture studios operate as they clearly veered away from the traditional steps business people undertake when starting their own ventures. They aim to address the common shortcomings of accelerators, incubators, and venture capital all at the same time by building an organization that is dedicated to developing successful new companies. 

Nobody Studios is standing out from the rest with its distinct mission that has never been attempted before. Interestingly, it made the Top 10 Venture Studios for 2023 list, an impressive achievement for an organization that is embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

“Being a venture studio offers us a unique set of superpowers that traditional venture vehicles are unable to provide, plus others we have created by leveraging our Crowd Infused™ Nobodies for better results,” said Mark S. McNally, Nobody Studios Chief Nobody (or CEO).

The Los Angeles-based venture studio has teams based in key cities across the globe, including London, Manila, New York, and Tel Aviv, to better serve its clients. If anything, Nobody Studios has transformed into an unstoppable company creation machine that is redefining venture building, ownership, and wealth creation.

Nobody Studios leveraged the remarkable strength of its crowd to reduce time and cost to market by 40%. By doing this, the company achieved a success rate twice higher that what traditional startups would normally accomplish. 

“Being Crowd Infused™ means embracing our crowd of Nobodies at every stage of the company creation process – be that helping us identify innovative ideas, act as early adopters of our products, or even being one of the first venture studios to fund ourselves through equity crowdfunding is a seismic shift from the traditional approach to venture building,” revealed Barry O’Reilly, chief incubation officer at Nobody Studios. “We know our unfair advantage is the talent we’ve attracted to this journey and the thousands more about to join us. We’re already having a massive cultural and social impact on how startups are built forever,” he added.

As can be expected, this new way of doing business has been attracting the interest of highly skilled and well-experienced executives from a wide array of prestigious companies, which include Amazon, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Skype, Stripe, and Volkswagen. Its Hospitality Board is chaired by the previous chairman and CEO of Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino. It is also worth noting that div international best-selling authors are on board and waiting to share the Nobody Studios success story with the rest of the world. 

These executives work alongside a team of 100 consultants and employees that have priceless experiences with more than 40 startups that have collectively generated over $5 billion in company exits and $9 billion in IPOs. If anything, the collaborative efforts of these astounding individuals are making Nobody Studios an extraordinary operator in the business venture industry. Watch this video to see Nobody Studios in action at their company launch in Miami last week.

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