Start A Journey Of Love And Food With JennyLee Ann Baxter’s Book A Food Affair

December 28 08:57 2022
Start A Journey Of Love And Food With JennyLee Ann Baxter’s Book A Food Affair

Once you start cooking, the feeling of love follows. Cooking is mostly compared with the feelings of passion that are awakened during the act of love. JennyLee Ann Baxter has been able to create a book that perfectly encaptures the feelings of sensuality and cooking all in one big cookbook. Each and every recipe is combined with the feeling of love, and a small prior description is given in every recipe to evoke passion in the chefs. Every recipe is an experience in itself and is sure to bring out a strong urge in anyone who reads it.

Share beautiful moments of passion, love, and seduction through cooking while following some of the best recipes in the market. Follow along JennyLee Ann Baxter as she shares her erotic cookbook, which will soon be available on Amazon.

“As I sat at the lake’s shore, watching the azure water drift in and out, my thoughts slipped into a reverie of wanting to meet this stranger. I allowed my mind to wander toward yet another erotic fantasy. I was slowly becoming obsessed with my desires.As the fiery sun set beyond the green rolling hills casting its multitude of colorful hues upon the ripples in the water, I thought about how we would watch the fish jump as the ducks gleaned across the lake, beckoning us to frolic in the water.”

Quotes such as these make the book an interesting read and are sure to keep cooking an interesting activity for couples who admire spending quality time with each other. Each recipe is also pretty great, considering the experience the author has with cooking. She has been featured on various platforms and has authored multiple cooking shows and books, making her an expert in her craft.

A Food Affair is self published by Jenny Lee Baxter 

Dated: November 11, 2022

ISBN: 978-1088074046

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