Ilya Prusenko and “HelpResource inc.” will help Miamians find jobs with good pay

December 26 16:42 2022
Ilya Prusenko and "HelpResource inc." will help Miamians find jobs with good pay

The well-known self-made man Ilya Prusenko, the owner of the popular in business circles full-cycle HR agency HelpResource inc., opened a branch in Miami.

Anyone who wants to find a dream job or needs qualified specialists to join the team, can get that opportunity with HelpResource inc.

“We have been specializing in recruitment and full personnel management in any commercial area since 2009”, Ilya Prusenko emphasizes.

During its 13 years of existence, HelpResource inc. has gained a solid reputation among business men and job seekers around the world. The agency’s annual turnover is about $30 million. The company has branches in the USA, England, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

About the owner:

Ilya Prusenko is 35 years old. He started his HR business from scratch when he was a third-year student at the National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”; (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys).

His knowledge and experience have been continuously growing sincethen. Numerous clients call Ilya Prusenko a reliable partner and recommend HelpResource inc. in social networks and personal negotiations.

Ilya Prusenko lives in Miami with his wife and two sons. The business man is fond of yoga and qigong, and he plays tennis at a professional level. Ilya Prusenko’s personal motto is “I always try to win”.

The main dream of Ilya Prusenko is for humanity to become a multiplanetary species.

Ilya Prusenko appreciates honesty, decency, and professionalism in people.

Ilya Prusenko’s recipe for success is “Don’t be afraid of anything! Roll up your sleeves and get to work! You have to feel it with your finger tips.”

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