Kentucky Inside Linebacker Edward “ED” McKee Giving Back to His Community

December 26 20:39 2022
Edward “ED” McKee is a Kentucky athlete famed for his tenure on the All Saints’ football team. After recovering from a serious injury, Ed returned to Kentucky with a mission to give back to the community that supported him throughout the ordeal.

Edward McKee is an aspiring football player hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, and a shining prospect that caught the attention of multiple high-profile college teams, including Miami, TCU, Montana, Coastal Carolina, South Florida, and Kentucky.

His teammates describe him as a rock-solid powerhouse and a dependable player that they can rely on in the field. Ed’s devotion to the sport is unprecedented, which was more than apparent after he sustained a crippling injury only a week before his debut with Kentucky.

Where many would’ve been shattered by such a staggering defeat, Edward remain passionate about football and patiently bade his time until he made full recovery.

Edward’s time out of the field was not spent idly. He followed the progress of his teammates, practiced in controlled environments to avoid prolonging his recovery, and enjoyed more quality time with his family and friends.

Being surrounded by numerous caring, loving individuals made Ed thankful for all the support he received while he was unable to play. As soon as he could stand on his own, he committed to giving back to the community that was there for him when he needed it the most.

Edward McKee engaged in voluntary community service throughout the past couple of months, visiting local shops and extending his help to the owners as they prepared for the upcoming holiday season.

Known for his exemplary physique, Ed helped business owners unload truckloads of Christmas gifts, hauled mountains of hardware, and helped in-house employees prepare various dishes. He extended his helping hand wherever it was needed, and Fort Worth locals were more than happy to have a hero of Texan football in their stores.

More information about Edward McKee is available on his official Instagram profile.

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