Mental Clarity – Mark Leong’s Key to a Successful Business Start-Up

December 26 17:18 2022
Before his retirement, Mark Leong chose to embark on a second career leveraging his knowledge to enable newcomers interested in investing or starting new businesses to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. He emphasises clarity of mind to effectively overcome obstacles and achieve their business goals.

The success of any business is dependent on many factors and a feasible business plan is just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the nuts and bolts of a business operation, there are many elements every business owner or entrepreneur has to overcome—failure, rejection from family and friends, impostor syndrome, and harsh criticism. Without mental clarity, a venture is doomed to failure at the personal level. 

Business coach, Mark Leong, shares his wealth and experience in helping prepare those interested in business with the right mindset and focus to succeed. 

Facing rejection and negativity is just part and parcel of what a business owner has to deal with and there’s no skirting around them. Therefore entrepreneurs need to develop a strong mental attitude to overcome adversity and possess a clear vision in knowing what goals to achieve in their businesses. 

The element of risk is ever-present in the life of an entrepreneur. While one’s business acumen essentially plays a role in determining risk appetite, business decisions need to be made with a clear mind. 

Hence, the adversity quotient is regarded as a skill that every entrepreneur should seek to master as it is vital to one’s overall success, both in business and in life. It follows that developing intelligence quotient and emotional quotient allows an individual to persevere through rough times. It is in these areas that Mark Leong excels in his business mentoring approach. 

Unlike many others, the business coach formulated his unique teaching methodology with a focus on developing clarity of thought, for a clear mindset is a foundation for building a plan based on evaluating the business landscape and adopting factors that serve to further one’s plan. It is this clear mindset that allows one to innovate the business to develop a continual loop for success. 

At times, all it takes is to find the moment of truth to wake the subconscious into what opportunities lie ahead—like finding out the unit cost of a sellable consumer product that can be sold at an affordable market price and still reap a profit of 300%. When extrapolated to an achievable number to be sold per day, one could easily achieve a 5-figure revenue stream from a single product.

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A mind clouded with doubts and fears of rejection is the greatest stumbling block. Mark Leong has had his fair share of dealing with his demons and is determined to share his experiences and successes with others, especially on how to enhance their mindset.  Once the mind is reset and clear of incumbrances, an easier path lies ahead in the execution of the business. 

Mark focuses on newcomers and those intending to start up in business, such as retirees and people seeking to earn a passive income. These are the people who have not encountered business-related problems and need business coaching. Undoubtedly, people who are more responsive to new ideas will cast aside preconceived notions of business and can be moulded more effectively to free their minds. It’s the first step to gaining mental clarity and achieving one’s business goals.

About Mark Leong: 

Mark Leong has worked as a quality, health, and safety professional for 31 years in the Oil & Gas, Seismic, LNG, Construction and Heavy industries servicing clients such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum, Texaco, and others. He is a proven Health and Safety Practitioner with an excellent goal for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction, driving overall operational improvements and ensuring cost savings while increasing profits. He now dedicates his time and experience to helping others achieve clarity of mindset to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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