Fountain Mountain, Inc. Offering Top-of-the-Line Display Fountains and Pond Supplies for Indoor and Outdoor Décor

December 24 00:21 2022
Fountain Mountain, Inc. is now introducing the finest collection of floating pond fountains and attractive pond lights, as well as Scott display fountains to elevate any decoration.

Floating pond fountains or display fountains add an aesthetically pleasing asset to any home or outdoor setting. Thus, Fountain Mountain brings in the best-quality pond fountains for a variety of decorative purposes. There is a range of indoor and outdoor fountains that its customers can choose from. Fountain Mountain carries floating fountains for small ponds and large ponds alike, and it offers detailed consultation to its customers when they need help finding a fountain that fits their budget and requirements well.

During a freshly conducted press conference, the spokesperson of Fountain Mountain, Inc. revealed, “We have our line of floating pond fountains for different types of water bodies. These fountains vary in flow rates and displays. Our F-Tech fountains always provide 2-6 fountain displays, depending on the model. These are available with 1 1/2″-4″ nozzles. Additionally, we are introducing the popular Scott display fountains, which can enhance the look of any property. Scott fountains can help our customers embrace the natural beauty of the great outdoors and make an impression on their neighbors and guests.5-year warranty on pump is standard.”

The retailer supplies F-Tech fountains at very reasonable rates, and thus, its customers may not need to worry about the pond fountains’ cost. These fountains also consume low energy for pond aeration. While the customers can select pond fountains with lights, they may even install the lights later on. Fountain Mountain offers beautiful pond fountains lights, such as Universal LED lights with remote control, Scott night glow lights, Scott color-changing LED lights, Kasco color-changing RGB LED lights, and Kasco stainless steel light sets.

The spokesperson further stated, “As far as the working of floating pond fountains is concerned, they are designed to aerate and decorate the water. They circulate the surface water that is already oxygenated, increasing oxygen levels below the surface and reducing algae growth. This makes for a clear, aesthetically pleasing pond. On the other hand, Scott fountains come with vivid and dramatic displays for outdoors and with different water shooting velocities. They can transform an average yard into an exceptional, environmentally-friendly haven for relaxation.”

To all its customers wanting to purchase Scott pond fountains, Fountain Mountain offers the product with an exceptional five-year warranty. These fountains promote a healthy aquatic environment while creating a gorgeous view of cascading water that everyone admires. At a commercial property, Scott fountains can provide the largest displays. While Fountain Mountain caters primarily to homeowners, it also continues to work with HOAs and on municipal projects on 30-60 day terms.

About Fountain Mountain, Inc.:

Fountain Mountain has been a leading provider of pond fountains and pumps to over 10,000 customers since 1999. The retailer serves the needs of landscape architects and garden centers, as well as manufacturers of concrete and stone fountains. Fountain Mountain also caters to those homeowners and other buyers who want to purchase pond fountains with lights. The retailer offers both colored and white fountain lights to match different style preferences.

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