Journey of financial freedom with Joey Anderson’s Funnels of Legacy; From Zero to Million Dollars

December 23 18:44 2022


Joey Anderson is a business enthusiast, entrepreneur, investor, and Funnels of Legacy host, a new show with its first episode out! Funnels Of Legacy is Joey’s documented journey and process as he goes from zero to generating a million dollars within 12 months. He is starting this business from scratch as an internet marketing newbie. He has no revenue, no product, and no content.

Joey was able to attain financial freedom in his thirties and he’s confident of is ability and methods in helping many others attain the same through info products he will be creating along the way. Funnels Of Legacy takes you through Joey’s entire journey from day one. He will have to brainstorm products, create the funnels, market them online, etc. All things he has never done before. At this point, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. You’ll have a unique opportunity to be a fly on the wall, and have behind the scenes access on how he does it.

In the pursuit of reaching a million dollars in twelve months, Joey hopes to inspire and motivate many others with his experience in business, life, and the struggles that have brought him this far. These newly created info products on the topic of financial freedom and fulfillment will use ClickFunnels for sales and marketing. With his compelling vision, and a strong burning desire to serve a calling, Joey will reveal all the insights needed to excel. Follow him through his struggles and successes so you too can learn how to convert your passion or calling into a successful seven figure online business

What Does Funnels of Legacy Mean to Joey Anderson?

Joey believes that to be truly fulfilled in life, one must discover their purpose, identify their potential, and ignite the desire to fill the gap between the two. This is what this company that Joey is building will represent for him – that union of purpose and potential. He feels called to show people how to expedite attaining financial freedom to eliminate their distraction of trading time for money so instead they can live a life of fulfillment. Funnels Of Legacy will document this pursuit of Joey Anderson. 

Listen to Funnels Of Legacy on Apple, Amazon Music, Spotify, Stitcher, and even watch episodes on YouTube. Its first episode launched December 7th, 2022, and will air new episodes at least twice a month! 

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