Cozy Crime Mystery Book to Add to the Reading List Right Now

December 23 22:33 2022
Cozy Crime Mystery Book to Add to the Reading List Right Now

Are you obsessed with the element of mystery books that keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end but aren’t so much a fan of intensely dark scenarios and violent outcomes? Well, then the cozy crime mystery genre is quite literally perfect for you. Think of this novel as a more light-hearted, gentle crime fiction experience that still gives you the “I just can’t put this down” phenomenon we all know and love without making you straight-up terrified.

If this type of reading sounds right up your alley, you’re lucky. With the help of countless ratings and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, we’ve brought you a book of the best cozy crime mystery book of 2022. Read on, and get to reading:

NOTORIOUS FIVE by Anoushka Kolahalu

The true tests of bloodless bonds. In this town, guns, lies and unsolved enigmas are normality. The veiled ambiguities are suffocating for Skylar. There are layers of unknown knowledge hidden from her eyes, but is this madhouse of past history even worth understanding? Anxiety, shattered memories and masked histories are clawing their way back. If the truth comes out, will Skylar finally be at peace? Or has the story just begun?

About Anoushka Kolahalu

Anoushka Kolahalu is an architect and author. Her debut novel, “Notorious Five,” was released this year.

If you haven’t read any good crime mystery fiction book, try “Notorious Five” and you’ll be pleased indeed.

Readers who wish to experience this deeply absorbing work can purchase “Notorious Five” by author Anoushka Kolahalu at bookstores everywhere or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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