Author Delbert Greear’s New Book “Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern” Is A Thought-Provoking Work and A Must Read for Today

December 23 22:27 2022
Author Delbert Greear’s New Book "Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern" Is A Thought-Provoking Work and A Must Read for Today

Author Delbert Greear’s New Book “Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern” Is A Thought-Provoking Work You Should Read Today The recently released book “Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern” by Painted Rock River Press author, Delbert Greear, is a thought-provoking work.

In the introduction to this work, Mr. Greear states: It is easily argued that tribal conflict is the single most powerful driving force in human history. When someone makes the supreme sacrifice for their tribe, it is either heroic or venal, according to our sympathies for the cause. All then depends on the identity of the tribe—is it “ours” or some “others”?

Further he contends: The very essence of the noble and heroic in human society is the protection of and devotion to one’s “tribe.” However, when the actions undertaken in this effort bring into doubt the survival of civilization, the survival of humanity itself, or indeed the biological well-being of Earth, then surely we have crossed some line. Given our tribal nature, this line is one we have neither been designed to recognize nor evolved to confront. This is a pressing challenge for our age.

In this handsome volume, nicely put together with the assistance of a team from Amazon Publishing Agency, the author examines the origins, present scope, and future direction of the natural human impulse to organize itself along tribal and quasi-tribal lines. This well researched work consists of 233 pages of prose, diagrams, and illustrations, with a spartan collection of the author’s self-described “inexpert” cartoons. Adequate footnotes are provided to enable those interested in further research to examine the more esoteric aspects of this wide-ranging work.

About The Author

Delbert Greear lives with his wife Nancy on the outskirts of Helen, Georgia, in the mountains of North Georgia. He is mostly retired from his economic activities and occupations, which included a short stint in the US Navy, a lot of carpentry and general construction work, running a canoe camping and fishing guide business, sawmilling, cutting timber, wood crafting, stonework, and whatever else he ran into along the way. His formal education includes a bachelor’s degree in General Humanities and a Masters in Math Education.  A 25-year career of tutoring and teaching mathematics at the University of North Georgia formed the core of his later working career. In retirement, he devotes his time to gardening, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, and enjoying the company of his old friends, colleagues, and especially his children, grandchildren, and extended family.

A long-term interest in the welfare of humanity and of the earth’s environment in general, has led Delbert to think about, research, and write a bit of a treatise on the fundamental tribal nature of humanity in its various guises and manifestations.

Readers who wish to experience Delbert’s enthralling work can purchase “Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern” at bookstores everywhere or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Tribal Imperatives: Ancient and Modern is self published by Author Delbert Greear

Dated: November 18, 2022

ISBN: 978-1088076637

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