Benefits of a Hotel Check In Kiosk According to

December 22 19:57 2022
Benefits of a Hotel Check In Kiosk According to

Not too long ago, self-service kiosks were a novelty seen primarily in chain restaurants. Most hotel owners would never have considered installing them in their lobbies. However, these valuable tools have become increasingly popular over recent years thanks to changing consumer expectations. Read on to find out why hoteliers should consider installing self-service kiosks as a means of keeping up with travelers’ current expectations and demands.

Keep Customers Satisfied

Most people view technology as a time-saver, so it should come as no surprise that, according to, up to two-thirds of consumers opt for self-service when it’s available instead of conventional human interactions. Installing check-in kiosks can help to keep these tech-reliant individuals satisfied. A well-designed hotel check-in kiosk provides a seamless experience that makes a positive experience for both first-time guests and returning customers. Just be sure to buy from a reputable brand like KIOSK to avoid system malfunctions that could decrease satisfaction rates.

Create More Positive Interpersonal Experiences

Some hoteliers are hesitant to install self-service kiosks because they feel that human connection is essential to their brands. What they don’t realize is that installing check-in kiosks can actually improve guest relations with the hotel’s staff. Instead of having multiple front desk staff members, for instance, hotels can switch some employees over and start offering concierge services. Even if that seems like overkill, the current front desk staff will still have more time to address guest concerns and ensure that everyone staying at the hotel has a positive experience. As Virdee, Crave Interactive partner on check-in tech, both technological and human interactions continue to improve.

Minimize Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes, including the most experienced and professional hotel receptionists and other front desk staff members. Simple errors like spelling a guest’s name wrong or, much worse, booking them into the wrong type of room by mistake, can have a dramatic negative impact on guest satisfaction. Automating the check-in process by installing self-service kiosks helps hotels avoid these inevitable human errors by allowing the guests to input their personal information themselves. 

Save Money

While providing a positive guest experience should top every hotelier’s priorities list, the underlying purpose is still to generate revenue for the business, and that’s just fine. Those two prerogatives complement each other well. Instead of having to cut back on luxury amenities, hotels can save money by reducing front desk staffing requirements, improving guest experiences to avoid having to issue refunds, and even generating extra revenue by upselling customers at the point of sale. Hoteliers interested in other ways to save money without reducing the quality of their guest services can hop over to here to see what’s working for others in the industry.

Keeping Up With Changing Times

While it used to be the case that travelers expected personalized service from friendly front desk staff members and concierges, experiencing the world through the lens of increased technology use changed how some people see the hospitality industry. Hotels have become increasingly reliant on technology to augment human interactions, and that’s not going to change. The best thing to do is to start taking advantage of all the benefits conferred by this change in consumer expectations.

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