The Enlightenment Journey by Leo F Armbrust

December 22 14:04 2022

It is rightly said that if you want to enjoy life, you should look forward, and if you want to understand it, you should look at the past. However, there are many events in everyone’s life that lead to certain consequences. Sometimes, your life takes hold of you, and in such situations, the only way to survive is to keep moving.

Imagine you are holding a stone between your fingers and throwing it into flowing water. You might not be able to see the effect, but there will be a small ripple. In the same way, life often surprises you with events that seek to grow and reflect your life differently. When you seek the answer of yes, you will be welcomed by many troubles because answers, too, come with discomfort. You don’t always get all the answers, everyone’s life circles around the never-ending loop of unanswered questions to which you may never find the answers.

When you don’t get your answers, you live with a mystery, and living with it is nothing less than torture. If you ignore the quest to get answers, the ache might lessen, but it will never go away. People who look at things with a deeper insight long for answers and explanations, and when your questions remain unanswered, you become distressed.

If you want to live a fulfilling life, you should hold the rope of faith and trust firmly. ‘Only The Wounded May Serve’ by Leo F. Armbrust is a valuable gift for all deep thinkers and people who wish to get a deeper insight into life. This book is a great way to grasp understanding the pain, life’s depth, happiness, and fear in your own life or others’ life.

There are some books that change your life forever, ‘Only The Way Wounded May Serve’ by Leo F. Armbrust is that gift for you. It will take you on an enlightenment journey that will help you reflect within and your surroundings to make a change in your and others’ life. All the relations you make, relatives, family, and friends not only help you live but also help you embark on a journey of discovering and rediscovering your life. Leo’s family, friends, and surroundings had a huge impact on her life journey, and their presence allowed her to discover her true self.

This book is a guideline for posing questions that everyone needs to address at some point in their life. This book is not about answers but a path that might lead you to answers. Leo has included stories, anecdotes, parables, and messages that she has gathered in the past fifty years. The readers might relate to some of them, while others may be unknown, but they are all meant to be the impetus for contemplation and meditation.

Everything included in this book is for the readers to reflect and see their own mirror of reality. Everyone is born different with unique qualities and skills, so everyone’s struggles are different from others. Therefore, this book only poses the questions, the kind of questions that everyone must endeavor to accept and embrace in life, whether they are answered or not.

The only thing that bonds everyone is fear – the fear could be of anything but the fear is constant. It is an emotion that every human being is born with, and so everyone should know how to deal with it. The idea of a peaceful life is an illusion – if you want to be happy, you must know how to bear the pain. The fear of suffering and the suffering itself will hinder human development and will lead to nothing.

You can never escape from reflection and meditation. If you wish to pause, take a moment to reflect and listen to your innermost self. Your life can be influenced and changed by your free will and intellect. You are answerable for your power and reactions to the affairs of your life. If you want to do something for the betterment of others, you must do something for yourself first.

Every human being is on a journey, and that journey is different from other people’s journeys. As you go on a journey, remember to enjoy every phase of it. There will be many hopeless days and times when you will fall but remember to get up each time you fall. Get on your life journey with an open heart and mind. Your journey has already begun; you will need nourishment for it. The journey will not provide answers, but your path to discovering those answers will become apparent to you.

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