The Heroes of the American Revolution by Frank A. Mason

December 22 14:00 2022

The Journeyman Chronicles and a companion piece, Four Women of the Revolution, are author Frank A. Mason’s historical novels about the American Revolution. The stories are historical fiction. What is historical fiction? Historical fiction is defined as fiction that includes historical facts and actual people blended with fictional characters and settings. It consists of any form of media infused with fictional details with well-defined historical accurate settings.

Most people believe history is boring and full of dry facts. Whereas The Journeyman Chronicles and Four Women of the Revolution are both historical novels infused with fictional characters representing the past, making it an interesting and unique way of learning history. The main idea of writing historical fiction is to make readers aware of the world of the past from different perspectives. History, presented without fictional characters and creativity, is boring reading for most people.

There are many important elements of historical fiction, like plot, setting, characters, and rising action. Historical fiction also can help the reader to develop new thoughts about past events. In The Journeyman Chronicles, Frank A. Mason helps the reader understand the past by relating the present with the past. This is true of Four Women of the Revolution, as Mason demonstrates that Revolutionary War women were challenged by the same prejudices and stresses as modern women face. Frank A. Mason recreates the whole Revolutionary War era by making the settings and characters of the past relevant to the present. 

Journeyman: Heart of Tempered Steel by Frank A. Mason is one of the best new historical novels. It will take readers back to the days of the American Revolution when people sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country. It is the second book from The Journeyman Chronicles of the American Revolution. It is the story of Will Yelverton, a young North Carolina gunsmith who becomes part of many historical events of the American Revolution. Will is a nineteen-year-old boy who experiences a series of events that led him to key battles and events of the American Revolution in the South.

The story revolves around another phase of Will’s journey. Journeyman: Heart of Tempered Steel by Frank A. Mason is the story of Will Yelverton’s Revolutionary War in Georgia. Will finds himself in Georgia as the fight with British forces from Florida heats up to a fever pitch. Will becomes friends with Samuel Elbert, a true hero of the American Revolution, Major General of the Georgia Militia, Brigadier General of the United States Army, and (later) Governor of Georgia. While people like Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton are considered founding fathers of the United States, Samuel Elbert of Georgia had a lasting impact on the new United States. Sam Elbert helps Will to become a man.

Frank A. Mason is known as one of the best new historical novelists. Frank A. Mason is the pen name for a retired USAF Lieutenant Colonel. He flew B-52s during the Cold War and served as a flying training instructor. He also led high-level staff organizations over twenty-two years of his early adult life. Mason has also served as a college professor for 25 years, from the late 1990s till the present, where he mentored students in their dissertation studies. 

Mason’s novels are available on Amazon. In addition, he has written a series of modern suspense novels featuring the reluctant hero Mac McCall. 

He also lives in Florida with his wife, who is a university professor and author of an upcoming series of children’s books emphasizing critical thinking in young learners.

If you are someone who loves to dig deep into the facts and curiosity never lets you sit still, Journeyman: Heart of Tempered Steel by Frank A. Mason is for you.

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