Narina Akopova, Rising Influencer, and Founder of Beauty by Narina Gives Back

December 22 17:18 2022
Whether helping people stay clean and safe, pursue their educational dreams, or find the aid they need, volunteers make a difference. Narina Akopova, rising social media influencer and the founder of Beauty by Narina, is giving food, gifts, and some items of her makeup line to people in need in her community this December.

The value of giving back to society cannot be overstated. Giving back has the potential to improve the lives of those in need. New research shows that giving benefits not only the recipients but also the givers’ health and well-being and the strength of entire communities.

Giving back has been a tradition for Narina since the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic when she noticed how much people were struggling. Narina has dedicated her time since COVID-19 to bring as many smiles to her community as possible through giving and serving.

“During the COVID Pandemic, I saw so many people suffering. Because of the lockdown, many people, including myself, are powerless. The pandemic altered our psychosocial environment, and many lost their lives and jobs. I resolved to make a difference in people’s lives. Giving back and making people happy has always been ingrained in me. This holiday season, I’m donating food, gifts, and my makeup line, Beauty by Narina, to people in need,” Narina says.

The COVID-19 Pandemic profoundly affected the lives of many people around the globe. Isolation, contact restrictions, and an economic shutdown completely changed the psychosocial environment in affected countries. Many Americans contracted COVID-19, thousands of families lost their loved ones, and millions lost jobs. Through the downfall of the pandemic, Influencers like Narina Akopova found ways to impact people’s lives positively. Narina has found fulfillment in helping those in need by donating to Non-Profit Organizations and Veteran Foundations.

About Narina Akopova

Narina Akopova is a rising social media influencer and the CEO and Founder of Beauty by Narina, and is based out of California, USA. Akopova launched her beauty line in 2019, intending to provide women with high-quality makeup products. Beauty by Narina knows what women want. Narina Akopova possesses a strength of expertise and knowledge. She has more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and has a background as a chemist.

The products of Beauty by Narina are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and healthy for any skin. Narina’s beauty team is committed to creating high-quality products with unique colors that make the user feel and look fantastic.

Narina’s goal as a rising social media influencer is to inspire her followers and make them smile through digital content creation. During December, Narina Akopova is taking the opportunity to make dreams come true by donating food, gifts, and items from her makeup line to those in need.

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