From Bedridden to Fitness Champion: Ana Biavatti is the Hero in Her Story

December 06 20:42 2022

Ana Biavatti, the founder of the brand Ana & The Machines, has made it her life goal to help women transform their lives from struggle to one filled with success and confidence. Being a survivor of a prolonged health problem through the help of fitness exercises, nutrition, and mindful living, Ana decided to offer other women something she wished she had, ‘A Guide’ through the challenging phases of life.

In her 20s, Ana suffered from a health condition no one understood, and everyone around her seemed to have given up, Ana didn’t. Through research, determination, and a load of investment, Ana understood her health condition and the tools to fight it; she saved her life and now uses the same tools to help other women through their transformation journey.

Ana’s fitness program focuses mainly on women 35 years and above while she uses a holistic approach that integrates core areas of a client’s life (Fitness, Nutrition, Awareness, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial skills) to achieve overall success. Ana offers group and personal sessions to help clients pursue their unique goals for body and mind.

Allison, an online client of Ana, just after 2 weeks on the program, stated, “I am so thankful to have found you! I would have never figured out how to properly organize my mind, work out and feed my body to achieve my goals. My goals were like a far-off dream, and I had no pretension to make them happen anymore. I thought I had peaked in my 20s, but now I can’t wait to see where I get in a few months. I’m so excited and feel so empowered from working with you!” 

This year, at 39, Ana celebrated life and her ability to recover by winning a bodybuilding/fitness show with WBFF (World of Beauty Fitness & Fashion).She went from fitness enthusiast to professional athlete and is now Top 2 at the world championship in just 6 weeks. She also prepares clients to celebrate their transformation journeys on stage, doing a show if they wish. 

About Ana Biavatti

Ana Biavatti (Coach Ana) is an entrepreneur with a background in psychology, certified Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Bodybuilding Specialist. Originally from Brazil but based in Canada, she founded Ana & The Machines and is a Top 2 WBFF Fitness Pro-Athlete in the world.

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