Forsentek Co., Limited Supplies a Range of Load Cells, Force Sensors and Measuring Solutions Beneficial to Various Industries

December 01 16:36 2022
Forsentek offers a variety of load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions with high accuracy and stability at a competitive price to help customers get more value from their investment.

Forsentek was founded more than 30 years ago in response to the need for a national manufacturing industry. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing instruments of industrial and environmental measurements, such as load cells, force sensors and measuring solutions. They use modern science and technology in making these measuring instruments, aiming to meet the demand of the market, and have made great progress in its development. Currently, it has more than 100 employees working together to support production activities. The company has a complete production line that includes equipment for designing, testing, assembly and automation of manufacturing processes. Clients from all over the world have constantly been interested in the company’s products and are looking forward to forming business relations with the company, which also helps this company grow constantly.


The company has become popular for supplying quality tension compression load cell made from quality materials, high accuracy and durability. This instrument is widely used in industrial measurement, quality control and individual development applications and is most appreciated for its high accuracy and stability. Its size, surface finish and materials make it easy to install and maintain. The tension-compression load cell is widely used in various applications, such as construction automation, industrial automation, national defense and electronic instrumentation. It also has become the preferred choice for production, quality control and research laboratories.

The rotary torque sensor has been popular for its stable performance and excellent accuracy. The products have been designed to meet the needs of customers for different purposes. They are a good choice for testing and measurement applications. The company can also customize these instruments according to the client’s requirements and specifications to meet their needs. These rotary torque sensors are used in industries such as machinery, automobile, machinery, electric power, sailing ships and motorcycles. They work well in applications that require reliable, high precision, and accurate measurement at an affordable price.


Another popular instrument is the multi-axis load cell, which can be widely used in various applications, such as testing equipment and processes. The compact device is designed with the strength and stability that customers need, increasing reliability. It can withstand intensive use and is easy to install. This device comes with a variety of options and specifications and is also custom designed to meet the requirements of customers. Its high precision, long life and durability make them a good choice for testing and measuring applications. Numerous customers appreciate their stable performance, high accuracy and durable material.

About Forsentek Co., Limited

Forsentek Co., Limited is one of China’s most well-known manufacturers and suppliers, specializing in producing and selling high-quality load cells, torque sensors and measuring solutions. The company has a professional team that pays great attention to the quality of its products. It also provides customized services to meet customers’ needs. It is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of load cells, torque sensors and measuring solutions. Clients can rest assured of buying products at competitive prices from them.

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