Public figure and content creator Bettina Orth makes headway as a global influencer and women empowerment advocate

June 16 19:45 2022
Bettina Orth, also known as Betti or Betty, a German mother of five children who broke stereotypes and expectations about how women “should” be, continues to make waves as a social media sensation and an empowerment advocate.

Model and influencer Bettina Orth, a mother of five who has made a name by becoming a candidate for the prestigious Miss Germany, continues to make headway globally as a top content creator and a renowned women empowerment advocate.

The global influencer had an incredible rise on social networking service Instagram and other social media platforms in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. 

However, Betti’s big break came a year after, when she joined the Miss Germany tilt when it was reformatted. She redefined competition standards and represented what it meant to become a true Miss Germany.

“Women like me would never get the chance to participate in this contest if it was done years before. Look, I have five kids, I’m married, and I have tattoos and piercings. It was almost impossible, but I tried to earn a spot because I knew I had to represent a marginalized sector of women – one that’s been looked down on,” says Betti

That year, many news outlets had already taken notice of Betti and her unique and incredible background. In fact, even the French media reported about Betti, where several media outlets reported her fight to break stereotypes – being a five-time mom and a successful influencer, as well as a great role model in the country.

Betti’s story was heart-wrenching: she once sought refuge in a women’s shelter as a victim of violence against women. 

“Those were hard times in a women’s shelter. However, there were lots of silver lining from that incident – knowing who you are and what you stand up for, and becoming a true fighter in the course of life,” says Betti. With a life of many ups and downs, Betty finally got her personal happy ending.

Fast forward to accomplishing her goal at the Miss Germany competition and representing a unique sector of women, Betti has continued to inspire people daily with her authenticity, honesty, and determination.

Since her breakthrough, Betti has been offered various modeling jobs and impressive advertising campaigns. She is living her dream, rightly managing her time, and continues to advocate women empowerment and representation, urging women never to doubt that they are valuable and powerful.

Those who want to collaborate with Betti Orth may send her a message on her social channels to get started. 

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