ISU Corp’s Innovation Makes Custom Software Accessible for Businesses to Scale

June 16 18:33 2022

TORONTO, CANADA – June 16th, 2022 – David Mansilla, Founder and CEO of ISU Corp, is bringing accessible high-end software to the tech scene through a new innovative product called the ISU Core. Instead of paying a premium price for starting a software project from scratch, the ISU Core offers a sophisticated framework that saves a substantial amount of the cost of custom software. Not only can businesses gain outstanding custom software, they also no longer have to sacrifice large sums and painstaking amounts of time to get it.

We live in an era where technology is evolving faster than it ever has before. This growth was only accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced businesses to adapt to a world living almost entirely online. However, complications can lead to some of the greatest innovations, provided the right minds are put together. Enter ISU Corp, a world class custom software company that has been changing the game since 2005. Boasting a team of software geniuses, ISU Corp provides businesses with top-of-the-line custom software with the main goal of transforming processes and increasing their client’s profits.

In 2018, David and his team noticed patterns in what their clients needed. Outlining these common needs sparked an idea: a pre-existing software template that provided enterprise architecture, a stable database, high-end security, and user management. The CEO explained, “based on that premise, I thought, ‘what if we can create a product that will service all of our clients, regardless of what industry they’re in, while dramatically saving the cost of ownership for making their own software platform?’” Gathering the best architects and engineers, the team at ISU Corp set out to make this idea a reality.

Now known as the ISU Core, this product is capable of running in any environment it’s needed in, so that businesses have full flexibility. The ISU Core saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars on software projects, as most of the cost now goes towards building on top of the standardized product. This means that the base of any project is already built from the get-go, saving businesses the cost of starting the project from scratch.

A common issue for companies seeking custom software is that the requirement to maintain and run the software once it’s delivered is difficult to upkeep internally. To this, David Mansilla coined the term “Custom Software as a Service”. A brand-new silo in technology, this enables a company to create their own workflows and processes while also taking on ISU Corp as a monthly custom software service, similar to how buying a Microsoft office account will also come with constant support and updates for that software. “Now, our clients can create the software of their dreams that will exponentiate their sales, without worrying about how it will be supported. They can completely delegate that to us for a small per-user fee a month.”

With backing from the Canadian government, ISU Corp’s innovations are gaining recognition from the program for research and development, as well as awards for innovation in the field. ISU Corp was given the title of Technology Company of the Year from Gamechangers 2022 Global Awards.

“We are in the business of generating massive profits for our clients, not in the business of charging for something that has to be done over and over because we’re always starting from scratch.”

We work with successful companies to increase their net profits using exceptional custom software solutions. Contact us here to see how we can help your business grow.

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