5 Deadly Mistakes that Business Owners Make By Failing to ALIGNN

June 15 23:15 2022
And How to Avoid Those With ALIGNN Business Booster Session

No matter how steeped a CEO is in business-ownership experience, they will run into problems. “Identifying the mistakes, learning from them, and preventing them from happening again is the key to success,” says Michael Lovdal — Marketing Expert, CEO of ALIGNN Marketing and Marketing Strategy Auditor (watch him briefly explain how to stop bleeding money in business at https://alignnmarketing.com/businessbooster/).

Most business owners make similar mistakes. Those mistakes could make the difference between owning a successful and viable business or a money-draining machine that could leave a CEO in financial stress.

So, what are the biggest mistakes owners make when managing and trying to grow their businesses?

Neglecting Marketing and Branding Strategy

Many businesses don’t realize the importance of a strong marketing and branding strategy. Branding makes the first impression on the potential customers and a good marketing plan will ensure that the brand is SEEN by potential customers.

Getting Caught In “Overwhelmed Mode”

There is always a lot to do when running a business, but if a CEO tries to do it all, they will end up getting even less done than intended. Have a clear plan, prioritize a few core things only, and find a mentor to keep the company on track and avoid pitfalls.

Trying To ‘Do It All’

A common trap CEOs create is to trying to “do it all” or be involved in too much. They are so invested in small matters that they don’t have the energy and time to focus on strategic decisions and management. This style of working can ultimately make a CEO unproductive. A CEO should prioritize goals and reset focus accordingly, delegating everything that anyone else can do.

Failing To Budget For Marketing

Failing to allocate a budget for marketing is a mistake no business owner today can afford to make. The idea and product might be perfect, but what good is it if it’s not reaching the right people at the right time? A good marketing strategy and a budget can make any product or service shine above competitors.

Setting Unrealistic Financial Goals

Setting unrealistic financial goals can drain a CEO emotionally and hurt credibility with your team. Set specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and time-specific (or SMART) goals to ensure continual progress.

Often what seems unimportant can have a significant impact on a business. A CEO can have the perfect team and vision, but might overlook some important checkpoints, especially from a marketing strategy point of view. An expert third eye is always helpful in detecting problems overlooked by the team, improving performance, and suggesting changes to achieve the success envisioned.

Marketing CEO Michael Lovdal takes medium to big business owners through a custom 2-day intensive course and reviews products, services, unique value proposition, market position, and online presence.

Michael has advised small business owners and multi-millionaire serial entrepreneurs to overcome the growth hurdles over the years.

Learn more about this Business Booster Session at https://alignnmarketing.com/businessbooster/

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