The Alternative Society NFT unveils collection of 700 ‘2D’ hand drawn illustration of Alté personalities

May 24 18:57 2022
The Alternative Society NFT stays on track with its mission to build a Metaverse with endless utilities, immersive 3D virtual Lagos city, Alte school of creative arts, tech & African Language, among others.

The Alternative Society NFT is out to become a game-changer in the NFT space after launching the Afrocentric NFT collection of Alte personalities representing freedom of expression through art, tech, music, and fashion.

The Afro Centric & Afro Futuristic NFT collection of 700 ‘2D’ hand-drawn illustrations of Alté personalities reside on the Web3 Ethereum Blockchain. 

For example, one of the inspirations from the NFT collection was drawn from the distinctive efforts by some of the community’s prominent black women in Science and space programs as their alternative personalities, hoping to inspire the girl child in her endeavors in breaking boundaries across the male-dominated career path.


Alternative “Alté” or “uhl-teh” culture, which originates from Lagos, has spread across the world through Afrobeat, Fashion, Art, & Tech.

“Our community is focused on addressing introspective and emotive topics. It delves into areas that are unconventional or taboo and seeks to embrace topics that are not at the forefront of African culture,” a representative says.

The team behind Alternative Society NFT is leading the charge in building a Metaverse with endless utilities, immersive 3D virtual Lagos city experience, art centers, virtual concerts, and clubs.

It is also set to unveil a school of Alté, where NFT holders will have exclusive access to virtual skill-based courses for creatives, Mental health sessions, events, and parties at random city pop-up shows with some of the most prominent Afro beat alté artistes. 

The Alternative Society NFT utilities extend beyond play-to-earn games, Dope Merch, and the launch of the Alté NFT Journal photo book, where an NFT personality might get to be featured and headline in the press releases.

“We adopt a democratic style of governance in our community and our Metaverse. However, our Super Alte’s (5 or More AS NFT holders) & Elders clan NFT Personalities get certain decision-making perks to guide our community,” the representative adds. 

The Alternative Society NFT is currently pre-minting each Token for 0.04 ETH (Ethereum) excluding gas fees, with 5 tokens Max per wallet at a time. Individuals can also buy off revealed and already minted NFTs directly from the Marketplace of the collectors who minted already.

Those who want to participate in building the alternative society may join the Alternative Society NFT Discord community or contact the creators, Chris Obia, the Architect & Designer, and Daniella Oji, the Artiste & Designer. 

Others who wish to learn more about Alternative Society NFT may visit the website and its social channels for more information. 

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