Weighing Printing Labeling All In One Machine

May 11 17:22 2022

automatic weighing labeling machineweighing printing labeling machine

Weighing printing labeling machine is a kind of modern machinery and equipment, it have heat transfer printing and a variety of advanced functions such as automatic labeling, The machine combine the functions of printing labels, labeling, and weighing, low-cost professional equipment especially for automatic assembly line production, now can be directly with the rest of the assembly line equipment installation, Complete weighing, printing and labeling of the product, can completely replace the previous manual operation.

Weighing print labeling machine operation method is very simple, operators only need a few days training can master the correct way of using, and this kind of mechanical equipment still used the DE cylinder, pneumatic components, appliances and parts of it. We evaluated and tested every function and part of the machine before machine was issued, after installation to ensure its normal and stable work. Weighing printing labeling machine has a special adjustment bracket, and its adjustment bracket can be adjusted in a large range, to meet the needs of different production lines.

Weighing, printing and labeling machine can be used alone, or used together with the factory production line, which can realize the timely printing and labeling of variable data and barcode. Weighing print labeling machine print range is very wide, it can be controlled by computer communication, can easily realize automation, can print your own edited template information, you can also read the database information for printing, This machine is usually used to print the weight of goods and calculate the price of products by weight and printing this message in label, then labeling. It can meet the need of real-time information printing and labeling of commodity packaging.

The machine supports customization on demand.

This machine is widely used for vegetable and fruit packaging labelinglogistics commodity packaging labelingproduct retail packaging labeling and other industries.

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