TGW Launches Auto Pay Machine For Parking Lot Management System

May 10 22:38 2022

10 May, 2022 – Shenzhen TigerWong Technology Co.,Ltd launched an Auto Pay Machine.

Now, you can make your car payments easier with the most advanced parking payment system.

Auto Pay Machine is the only solution that can make your car payments faster and easier. You can easily pay your parking fees and park without having to wait in the line.

Save time by getting your parking transactions done quickly with the intelligent parking payment system. Get the convenience of automatic payment without the hassle.

Don’t waste time with slow or unreliable payment systems. With Auto Pay Machine, you can get your car parked and paid for quickly and easily, whether you’re a car owner or business operator.

Moreover, you can be sure your online payments are safe and secure. Their unique encryption system ensures that your transactions are private and tamper-proof.

Improve the efficiency of charges and the level of information management system with the self-service payment machine.

Make payments with less effort – the Auto Pay Machine makes it easy to pay for parking with your phone. TGW integrated a QR code scanner, voice communications, banknote cash machine and more, so you can easily pay for your parking needs with your bank card, QR code or paper money.

Get more out of your parking transactions. The automatic payment machine has a camera and a infrared sensor that can record the operators. It can monitor and record who is using your parking space, so you can make sure they are compliant with regulations

Keep your parking safe with the security of the machine. Auto pay machine makes it easy to get parking payments in a hurry. No more long lines at the lot!

Speed up the efficient management of your parking lot. With their big data analysis, you can get more out of your parking data to improve your parking lot management.

Get ahead of the curve with Auto Pay Machine. You can easily and quickly enter and exit your parking lot.

Auto Pay Machine is the most advanced parking lot management system on the market, which makes parking easier and faster, accelerates traffic, and makes it more convenient to enter and leave the lot.

With TGW’s custom-built equipment, you’ll have the best time managing your parking lot without wasting time.

Achieve unattended intelligent charge through data network and system back-stage.

Reduce staff and efficiency with an easy to use payment machine, cutting additional costs of middlemen.

Improve your export vehicle traffic with the help of a self-service payment machine.. This will improve your business efficiency, and make it easier for you to get your business up and running!

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