New Ground Capital weighs in on the rise of impact investing with New Zealand’s first impact investment fund.

May 09 20:36 2022
“The world is on the brink of a revolution in how we solve society’s toughest problems. The force capable of driving this revolution is ‘Social Impact Investing,’ which harnesses entrepreneurship, innovation, and capital to power social improvements.” – G8 Social Impact Taskforce

The proliferation of social enterprise in New Zealand has prompted the establishment of the first domestically focused investment fund, a collaborative venture between New Ground Capital, Akina Foundation, and Impact Ventures. The country’s first Impact Investment Fund attracted 35 investors who raised close to $9 million before its final round of investor marketing.

New Zealand impact investing aims to deliver tangible societal and environmental outcomes and deliver market-rate financial returns. As a first of its kind, the Impact Enterprise Fund is pioneering the space and joined the ranks of the global impact investing movement. “The impact investing Impact Enterprise Fund invests in for-profit businesses seeking to generate meaningful, measurable and scalable social or environmental impacts.”

The upward trend of impact investing is changing the global landscape, with many favoring the cutting-edge disruptive social and environmental innovations over the traditional predecessors. Since its inception, the Impact Enterprise Fund has garnered widespread interest in New Zealand through the unique capabilities of each of the founding partners.

New Ground Capital brings its financial and commercial experience to the table and innovative thinking to bring beneficial investment opportunities. New Ground Capital has been pioneering the Build-to-rent real estate asset class in New Zealand. Akina focuses on impact development, and Impact ventures provide advisory services for impact investment and corporate finance.

The growing Impact Enterprise Funds portfolio includes companies like Tether, a building performance technology company that closed a $1.75 million seed capital raise led by the Impact Enterprise Fund. Other companies include Carbon Crop, LEARNCOACH, ZEROJET, WAIKAITU, Melon Health, GROUNDED, and more, all listed on NEW Ground Capital’s website. 

Co-Founder and Managing Director of New Ground Capital Roy Thompson says of his team “We’re all passionate about identifying areas of untapped capital demand and investment appetite and developing new solutions that allow capital to fulfill those opportunities. That’s how we continue to break new ground in the New Zealand investment markets – now and into the future.”

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