Leigh Burgess, Bold Industries Group, Inc. Launch a Focus on the Fusion of Strategy & Wellness

May 09 20:09 2022
Burgess is taking “big swings of bold” to solve problems for good.

Leigh Burgess is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bold Industries Group, Inc. that launched in September 2020 in Greater Boston. She has announced that the company has added an extraordinary new service offering fall with, The Bold Retreat to take place at The Sanderling Resort in Duck, North Carolina October 11- 14, 2022. Burgess is leveraging her knowledge and expertise as a lifelong creative strategist to deliver solutions and strategies for women to create intentional space for wellness and strategy. The is one of a kind distinctive retreat for intentional space for self-care, a focus on well-being and your mental health will occur, but also where you can build, nurture, and create the next level of creative strategy into your life.

Burgess, is focused on enabling women see the importance or well-being and creative strategic thinking. The Bold Retreat will yield measurable benefits that include dedicated time for wellness activities. Making a commitment for self-care has been linked to reduced depression, improved mood, boosted self-esteem, better health and mental clarity, and reduced anxiety.

The retreat a space where strategy and wellness collides provides time for women to focus on their goals such as starting a book, publishing articles, getting feedback on entrepreneurial ideas you have, creating a business plan, launching a product or service, feeling better about your next career pivot, planning for what is next, starting early on 2023 strategic plan, just having time to think.

Burgess expertly works to define the curated path for each client and each engagement. Leigh is driven by tackling challenges that when solved make the world a better place. She uses a combination of pragmatic steps powered by experience and expertise to create advantageous rapid advancements. More information can be found https://www.boldindustriesgroup.com/

About Leigh Burgess

Leigh’s motivation, through her work across business and individual coaching clients today, is all about empowering women to claim and create their bold path to reach the joy and happiness they deserve using her unique B.O.L.D. (Believe, Own, Learn, Design) Framework. She developed this pioneering and distinctive framework which combines the intersectionality of mindset, wellbeing, and strategy blended from her experiences and research. She believes, “Being bold is owning your greatness and knowing you are the one to drive the changes needed, define the path, and create the map for your dreams.” She is also a regular contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company and has been recently honored as one of the SUCCESS 125 leaders as well as nominated as one of the Top 50 Women of Influence by Success Magazine.

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