Talentfoot Offers Up 3 Ways To Hire New Employees For A Business

May 09 20:06 2022
Chicago Based Executive Recruitment Firm

Hiring in today’s job market can be a challenge, but it isn’t impossible with the right recruitment strategy. Talentfoot, a Chicago-based boutique executive recruitment firm, is recommending three ways to hire new employees.

The firm says the key to a good recruitment strategy is leveraging technology and combining creativity and diligence to reach a broader audience. It is essential to connect with qualified candidates, drive excitement about the role, and stand out from other employers.

3 Ways to Hire New Employees For A Business

#1 Hire A Recruitment Agency

Talentfoot says one of the best ways to efficiently fill vacancies is by using a recruitment agency. These firms work on talent search and acquisition day in and day out and have systemized workflows to make the administration of talent acquisition much faster. Recruitment agencies also have a network of resources to post positions and reach a broader pool of potential candidates. Agencies may also be better positioned to recruit for specific verticals or sectors.

#2 Leverage LinkedIn

Talentfoot also recommends leveraging professional social media like LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. LinkedIn allows businesses to post jobs that can be shared with entire networks. Those who see the posting and decide they aren’t a good fit will be able to share it with someone who might be. Social media postings also allow businesses to engage in two-way conversations about their jobs, and the content posted on pages like LinkedIn can give potential candidates a glimpse into the company culture.

#3 Online Job Sites

The third way Talentfoot recommends amping up hiring capabilities is through online job sites like Indeed. Job seekers often use Indeed to look up information on a company by reading employee reviews, salary data, and more. Any company who posts jobs on Indeed is given a free company page for candidate engagement. By claiming the company page, a business can then respond to reviews, customize the page, and incorporate employer branding.

Talentfoot says hiring great people takes persistence and the willingness to think outside of the box. If recruiting strategies are not working for a business, it may be time to consult a recruitment agency. For more information on Talentfoot, visit them online at www.talentfoot.com.

Working With a Recruitment Agency First

Talentfoot would like to emphasize that there are inherent risks of conducting a search through a job site or LinkedIn, and recommends utilizing a recruitment agency first and foremost to find the greatest success in hiring efforts.

About Talentfoot

Founded in 2010, Talentfoot is a boutique executive recruitment firm specializing in matching elite digital marketing, sales and technology talent with high-growth digital businesses, advertising and marketing agencies, and SaaS providers. Our candidate database of over 80,000 individuals has helped 2200 businesses and counting fill their vacant positions with high-quality candidates. Talentfoot brings talent that transforms.

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