Professional Financial Specialist Dr. Tay G Releases a Book on Financial Literacy

May 07 05:42 2022
Professional Financial Specialist Dr. Tay G Releases a Book on Financial Literacy

Dr. Tay G, who is a financial expert, believes that all people need to do is understand the fundamentals of good debt and OPM (Other people’s money), and they will get wealthy. All they have to do now is improve their financial knowledge and master it with the help of their coaches. Although many people may not qualify as accredited investors, real estate syndication nevertheless allows investors with less money, no accreditation, and a desire to participate in real estate investments with hopefully fewer hurdles to do so. He is the founder and CEO of 21st Century Business Consulting, a company that helps people achieve their objectives by educating and explaining how credit can be their closest friend. The YouTube influencer has dubbed himself “Doctor Credit” in his videos due to his extensive knowledge of how to increase credit and the mind-blowing results he’s achieved.

During an interview Dr. Tay G discussed making it despite the negative stigmas of growing up in Meridian Mississippi, growing up in poverty, being a role model while raising his siblings, turning a new leaf, entering into the Navy, getting his degree in Finance from Jackson State, getting into Crypto Currency, getting into the Airbnb business, the importance of the black community to invest and learn about financial literacy, creating generational wealth, his journey taking care of his nieces and nephews, buying stocks to keep money coming in, putting money into the Metaverse, ways to fix your credit when it’s been messed up, advice to the youth when it comes to positive influences, launching a financial mentorship, and more!

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” He also acknowledged that he could not have come this far without a solid network, which emphasizes why his favorite quote remains, “Your network is your net worth.” He mentions this in one of his videos. “The more you learn, the more you earn.” He also admitted that he could not have gotten this far without a strong network, which is why his favorite quote, “Your network is your net worth,” remains his favorite.

“21st Century Business Consulting is here to help you achieve your goal by educating and showing people how credit can become their best friend. If you’re a young professional, we’ll show you different ways to take advantage of the credit for your business and use it to invest into assets to multiply your sources of income. If you’re an individual looking for financial freedom, we’ll teach you how to leverage credit in order to get what you want out of life.” Dr. Tay G explains about his company.




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